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Retreat at Candelaria



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/08/2012
If you are a quiet tenant who pays their rent on time, do NOT move here. It took us over a year after breaking our lease to recover from the trauma of living there. The neighbors on both sides of us were evicted while we lived there. Neighbors would have "bass wars" to see who could play their music/video games the loudest. Drinking and partying at the pool at midnight was routine, whether it was a weekday or weekend. Anyone could use the pools--it didn't seem to matter if you lived there or not. The hot tub was used by the ducks that lived in the complex as a bathroom. One of the long term tenants had furniture taken from their patio. When it was spotted outside another tenant's apartment and reported to the management, they told the victim there was no proof it belonged to them. One of the apartments routinely had hoards of young people climb in and out of the window of the apartment, until APD came by (and APD was called to the complex all the time)and made arrests. Another apartment had a child who set fires in the apartment and almost burnt down one of the buildings. No need to conserve energy or water. You are billed utilities with no information as to how they decide on the amounts. We were told around $40 for utilities when we moved in. Our utilities were always close to or over $100 a month. There were very few outside lights that weren't burned out, so the complex was very dark at night. The water is turned off almost weekly. One of the other tenants came out in the morning to find their windshield covered in shattered glass. It is a gated community, but you are not given a key to open the gates, as they are never locked. There are notices by the mailboxes warning you not to leave your mail there or it may get stolen. The only time you hear from management is the months before it is time to renew your lease asking you when you will renew. But when you call them and leave a message because of an issue or emergency you are having, you will not receive a return call. I could continue, but you get the idea--DON'T RENT HERE!!!
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Retreat at Candelaria

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