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Retreat at Candelaria



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2012
This definitely isn't the best apartment complex I had ever lived in, but I never dealt with half the problems the other people are talking about. I am a female and I lived at this apartment complex alone when I was 19 years old. I had a unit very close to the parking lot so I didn't have to walk far from my car to my apartment, but I always felt safe while doing so. I never saw homeless people rooting around in the dumpsters. The ducks do get messy...that is one thing that can get out of control. I never had my mail stolen. My dishwasher was broken upon arrival, then the maintenance came around and apparently fixed it, but it was still broken. I called them to fix it again, and around two days later they brought a new dishwasher and installed it. I did have a problem with noisy neighbors. Even being a young teenager, I was the quietest person living around me. I got the cops called on me once because my upstairs neighbors were being so loud, that my next door neighbors thought it was me. Overall, management was just fine. I had to break my lease early in order to move to another state for school, but they were on top of apartment referrals and sending my information back to my new landlord. They were always nice to me. My sister also lived here at one point, and she had a few problems with management, so maybe I just caught them on good days.
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Retreat at Candelaria

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