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Sun Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
I happened upon this when I looked up the number for Sun Village and was comforted from the many like minded reviewers.<br><br>I am leaving at the end of the month after two years and I can absolutely state that this was the most HORRIBLE APARTMENT EXPERIENCE of my life.(and I am not young). I should have gotten the message on my move in day when I went to pick up my keys (with my moving truck packed and waiting). My family had already given their visa card for the deposit and were under the impression when I got there that the rest of the money owed would also be charged on that card. The manager, an unsophisticated, aggresive, rude man not only refused to make the charge, he was abusive and treated me a bit like a suspect street person and not like his new tenant. I was unaccustommed to being treated in such a dismissive,disrespectful fashion. Since my family was vacationing in Florida I was unable to reach them until the next day. Then they had to fax a form that gave Sun Village permission to charge their card.(This was the SECOND time they had faxed this exact form). So, I had to send the young boys I had already paid to help me home and that was the only day they were available. I was frankly beside myself and homeless for the night. I debated at this point about the wisdom of staying in a situation that was obviously run with contempt for their customers and where expected courtesy and minimal customer service was absent. However I had all my earthly belongings in a truck and it seemed overwhelming to change plans at this stage.<br><br>So I moved in. My Suspicions were comfirmed-it is run indeed by the Village Idiot and his crew of village idiots. Then I discovered you must pay 50.00 for the gate remote. Only to discover the gate was regularly broken and wide open-culminating in no gate at present. The second thing to reveal itself was that the shuttle bus that was advertised for transportation to UNM / TVI did not actually go to TVI-which was one of the main reasons I chose Sun Village. Then to add injury to insult they charge for it.<br><br>The laundramat is a dump,with tiny, dirty machines that 1 out of 2 times will keep your money. Even though the machines are undersized and old the price is higher than most laundramats. In addition it is missing two important items-a money changer and a vending machine with detergent etc. It was such a pain to come up with the right change every time you needed to do wash. <br><br>After a one years lease-they immediately raised my rent and if I did not sign a lease that very month-I would be charged an additional $50.00 on top. In two years, my rent has been raised TWICE. I really had no complaint about the physical condition of this place,however the manner in which it is run deserves the title of SLUM LORDS.<br><br>Fortunately I will be leaving at the end of the month. After reading the other comments,I am now dreading what the slimeballs might do about my deposit. Based on all my other experiences at this hell hole they will not only keep my deposit but will put a lien on my first born child.<br><br>Another inconvenient and irritating aspect is the lack of parking spaces. And I am not talking about close parking spaces-there are times if you come in late- there are NO PARKING SPACES. I have,along with other desperate tenants, parked in fire zones and handicapped places. Twice I have been ticketed to the tune of 100 dollars each time. I would never park in a handicapped zone at anytime, however when you need to put your car somewhere, anywhere and this is your home-there is no other choice. A smaller annoyance, but important if you value your car is they lined the parking spaces smaller than standard, leaving inches between you and the next car,resulting in bashed cars and difficulty just getting out of your car.<br><br>Don't even think of living here-learn from my mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br><br><br>
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Sun Village

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