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The Commons @ Girard



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Pros: 1) The community is, in general, genial and respectful. 2) There is very low noise pollution; which is mostly due to thick walls. and 3) The area sees low crime and is close to the University. Cons: 1) Management's unreliability 2) Management's incompetence and 3) Managment's "Us Vs You" attitude towards its tenants. Examples of these are given below: I needed to take time off work to pay rent in-person or risk fees to pay online (an example of their antiquated payment system). Numerous times, I would call ahead to confirm that management would be in the office to accept my payment. I would leave work and arrive at the scheduled time only to find the door locked and the manager long gone; which left me with the only option of waiting around for them to show up. They routinely signed for my packages (without my explicit permission) and would store them in their office, wouldn't notify me of my expected package, and would usually be out of the office when I finally deduced that a package was awaiting and and scheduled a time with them to receive it. When I moved and was in the process of checking out, I scheduled a walk-through of the apartment with management on a Tuesday (my lease would expire that Friday) so that we could come to an agreement on what was clean and acceptable and what needed more cleaning. True to form, management was late and had not scheduled time to inspect my apartment with me. I left with the manager's guarantee that the maintenance man would inspect the apartment that afternoon FOR SURE! In reality, no inspection took place on Tuesday or Wednesday with the manager supplying a litany of hackneyed excuses. Finally on Thursday at 5 pm, only 18 hours before I was to surrender my keys, I was emailed an inspection list that was full of cleanliness failures. I did what I could in the short time I had to correct the failures (I had prior engagements Thursday evening) but could not rent a carpet shampooer and shampoo the carpet (as stipulated in the contract) on such short notice and could not take Friday off to attend to the matter. Rather than admitting their failure to notify me in advance of the carpet failure for a charge that was preventable, the management hid behind their contractual requirements to shampoo the carpet and assessed me a $55 fine. They never had intentions of working with me. They saw an opportunity to rob me of $55 and they pounced on it. You should also be leery of management's friendliness and can-do attitude when you meet to tour an apartment. Management is there to lease apartments, and they devote all of their attention to leasing apartments. Once you sign, you should expect treatment similar to what is listed above.
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The Commons @ Girard

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