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Warren Sandia



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
I actually lived at Warren Coronado. But if you are looking for an apartment you need to read this. I was at Warren Coronado for about two months. It was an absolute nightmare.I am a student and I WORK which most people that live in Warren do not do. They sleep all day and stay up all night looking for trouble and victims. At all times of night there is fighting, things breaking, doors slamming and yelling. I lived in fear and I never slept. Not a good feeling and not a safe place for children to live at all. Drug deals happen in plain sight in the middle of the day. Drugheads watch you come and go as if they are scoping you out.If I did not have my boyfriend with me I am sure something bad would have happened to me. In the two months I was there, security was there almost every night and they werent much help anyways. The same problems would reoccur and within an hour they would have to come back. APD hated coming there because they were being called constantly to that awful area. I would hate to be a cop too if I had to deal with those good for nothings that lived at Warren.This apartment community claimed to do background checks-HA! I have never seen so many criminals and druggies in one spot in my entire life! Warren is a desperate apartment complex willing to put anyone in those apartments! Managament is an absolute joke! The front office employees are mean as all get out and really rude. But they are stressed and have to deal with druggies and people that threaten them all day. There was an incident were a man tried to break the window in the office and yet again APD had to come out. I suppose he didnt want to pay rent or something like that. The saddest part about all this is there are people that live in Warren aprtments that work, have families and dont cause trouble. But for monetary reasons, we could not afford a better place to live. It is not worth the money and not worth your life! After pleading with the front office I was able to break my lease.Every Warren apartment community I have been to has been nothing but the worst place in Albuquerque you can possibly live besides the War Zone Area. Let me begin to tell you that any Warren apartment complex in particular Warren Coronado has been a thorn in Albuquerque's side for years. They were just on the news last month! Homicides and other violent crimes happen frequently at Warren apartments! Dont take my word for it check KOBTV 4 website and type in Warren Apartments, or even look it up on the internet!A young woman was killed there recently and there was also a fatal shooting! saving a few bucks is not worth it-DO NOT LIVE AT ANY WARREN APARTMENT! This is the worst place you could live if you are a woman, a working person, or if you have children. This is a haven for criminals, drug addicts, mental cases and I wouldnt be surprised if there are pedophiles living there.Take my warning please if you value your safety and your peace of mind.
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Warren Sandia

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