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Parkway Manor Apartments



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finla1cl • Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2012
I have only been living here a few days but figured I would write out my first impressions and thats why I have left the ratings at average. I plan on updating later after I have lived here for a bit. First off, I was coming from another state, and so I had to communicate with management mostly through email. I must have sent 25 emails over the course of a few weeks and the manager always answered promptly and even went and took pictures of the unit so I could see what it would look like if I was unable to visit. They also let me drop some stuff off the day before I moved in after my seven hour drive from LA, and since one of the managers live on site she locked up after me. The place hadnt been cleaned yet when I dropped my stuff off and I did not think it would be ready the next day but it was and looked great when I moved in. The rooms are well sized and so are the bathrooms. Tons of storage, including out on the patio - which is also pretty big. The living area is smaller than some I've seen, but is totally functional. It has recessed lighting too which is a great feature. My only complaint would have to be the carpet which has zero padding beneath so is hard to sit on and footsteps resonate through the place, which makes me feel like the people beneath me can hear every step I take. Every time my dog drops his ball I wince and wait for a complaint. So far, so good though! I just read another review that said the people here seemed sketchy, which could or could not be the case as I have yet to really see anyone. But a lot of people have taken their little plot and put up a cute fence around it (as well as some tacky lawn art) and it seems like a cozy, welcoming pad. The gates are always up, I asked the manager and he said they were being fixed... but it doesnt seem like that will be happening anytime soon since people have been mentioning it since 2010. The hot tub is also down which is a bummer. Overall my experience thus far has been positive. Again, I haven't been here more than a few days so I cant comment on a lot of the things people should know before they move in, but I will update in the future.
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Parkway Manor Apartments

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