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3001 Park

3001 Warm Springs Road

Henderson, NV 89014



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itwillbebettermyfoot • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I've lived at Crystal Creek for a little over a year now and while it was never as fabulous as they made it sound when I came in, it has gotten absolutely unbearable. I was going to move out right when the new management took over. I went in to fill out my forms and was told by one of the many new staff members that things were going to get better. Supposedly this management company was top-notch and the rental increases were because they were going to make all the great improvements. Gates were going to be fixed, a new security team made up of "ex-cops" was going to be put in place to deal with the kids running around at all hours, the drunks and the vandalism, the pools were going to be fixed and maintained, they were going to go through all of the apartments and fix the numerous issues the tenants had, the new management was going to have this great system so that repairs were done within 48 hours, the appliances were being replaced with stainless steel, the parking spaces were going to be re-configured so that they were close to the apartments they were assigned to and the buildings were going to be painted. The list of improvements went on and on...<br><br>Well, the maintenance staff has changed twice already and still can't get the work done within a reasonable time. The gates are joke, the trash dumpsters are left out of the stalls with trash everywhere, ew tenants are constantly having loud druken parties, hanging out in the common vestibule between the apartments, and when the "security" line is called, no one responds. I've called the police twice already due to non responsiveness from the staff. The pools & spas were still a joke the last time I checked (I gave up), the parking layout hasn't changed - even though they supposedly redid the lot which would have been a perfect time to do so, I for one still have the same old appliances (I have to be careful with the stove because the handle falls off - one of the many things lost somewhere in their new computerized maintenance program I'm sure), when contacted the manager won't return a phone call (even though she is the person I met with when I was planning to leave and told me that if I ever had any problems to contact her and she would make sure it was taken care of), in short the only change I've seen is that they're painting the buildings. To attract new unsuspecting tenants I guess.<br><br>The current manager supposedly is the person the owners call in when they purchase a property to "straighten it out" - this is what Christy (the manager) told me anyway. In our first conversation she said they were trying to get some of the undesirable tenants out first so that things could be repaired and maintained better - the excuse for the constant pool closings being that kids are vandalizing them, well where is this cracker jack security team?<br><br>I am moving in two months. Two months because you have to give a 60 notice to get out of this hell hole.<br><br>It is an absolute shame that property owners are able to get away with such substandard living accomadations and staff that either won't return a call or will hang up on you for asking a question in a polite manner.
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3001 Park

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