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3001 Park

3001 Warm Springs Road

Henderson, NV 89014



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
Words that come to mind when I think about this complex are pathetic, overpriced, disgusting, and embarassing. I wouldn't probably live in this complex for free.<br><br>Writing a summary of the numerous bad experiences that we have had living here would be difficult but in short.....<br><br>1. As mentioned in other reviews, maintenance is pretty much non-existant. It takes weeks to get anything fixed and when that happens, it's usually incomplete.<br>2. The office staff would rather flirt with maintenance, tenants, and those on their personal phone calls than help you. In fact, they can barely tell you what your monthly rent is every month and have a new policy for everything when you come in.<br>3. The tenants who live here operate at maximum volume and management could care less. In fact, even when you suspect your neighbors could be running a drug ring out of their apartment, management gives you a bunch of false promises about follow-up that will never happen. Other tenants like to not pick up the crap their dogs leave on the grass, fix their hot rods in the parking lot, and masturbate in the fitness center bathroom (actually that guy may not have even been a tenant). Yay to non-existant security too!<br>4. The parking lot and grounds look like a tornado just went through leaving trash and debris. This is nicely accented by the furniture and appliances that are regularly left by the dumpsters for days.<br>5. The new paint job (only half finished for weeks now) looks like a color-blind or person made the paint selection.<br>6. The quality of the complex is equivalent to probably less than half of what you pay in outrageous rent. Trust me, there are equivalently priced compelexes that MUST be better.<br>7. We thouroughly enjoyed the fast food trash that was left on the kitchen counter by the not-finished cleaning crew when we got our "walk-through". <br>8. You get one parking space. The only option for parking your other car if two of you live in an apartment is to park about half a mile away in the limited uncovered parking.<br><br>Don't let any pleasant sales pitch sway you into moving here unless you do not mind the above concerns.
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3001 Park

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