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Green Valley Country Club



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
This place is a joke. When we moved in, the ceiling in the first bathroom has a horrible patch job. SW Gas red-tagged our fireplace because it was not installed properly. When the maintenance guy showed up a MONTH later, he said he was there to light our pilot. I told him, it could not be lit, it wasnt installed right. I wanted it installed correctly. That never happened.<br><br>The pool and sauna do not work. In July, when it was 110 at NIGHT, our AC went out. I called the office. She told me a maintenance man would come and fix it. I called back 4 hours later, she said he was busy but that he would be there. I called the next morning (after sleeping with a wet blanket to keep cool) and was told again, he would be there. My daughter saw a maintenance guy by the pool and told him our AC was still broken. He said no one from the office had ever contacted him. He went on the roof and replaced the burnt fuse in 2 minutes. The alarm system has never worked.<br><br>The coup de gras was when a maintenance golf cart side swipped my vehicle causing $2500 in damage. My first of MANY trips to the office to get their insurance information, they admitted their cart did it, but that some kids had stolen the cart and did the damage. I asked at least 7 times for the office manager to contact me. On one trip to the office, she told me everything had been submitted to the Corporate office. The office manager never made any attempt to contact me. When I finally sent the Henderson Police to their office after a week of being ignored. The manager came to the door with the officer claiming she had called, but our cell phones had logged no such phone call. Furthermore, she spoke to Jim, the District Manager in front of the officer, and Jim said he had no intention of speaking with us or paying for the damage. He said it was an act of vandalism and that they were not responsible. Except that my vehicle was hit the day after the cart was supposedly taken away from the theiving kids.<br>I told them I had no choice but to go to small claims court. They said fine. I called the Corporate office to complain. The CEO's Admin Asst said she had never heard of any incident occuring with our car.<br>So we will have to resolve this in court.<br><br>We have had it! We are moving ASAP. Please save yourself and DO NOT RENT FROM GVCC apartments.
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Green Valley Country Club

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