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Montego Bay Apartments

1050 Whitney Ranch Drive

Henderson, NV 89014



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2006
I always gave these people the benefit of doubt. Not anymore. The apartments are under new management, again, and this time they are updating the paint job on the buildings. (without fixing the structural problems) What they need to do is update the way tenants are treated. It is worse now more then ever. Parking is horrible, forcing you to sometimes have to hike to your apartment. Although the contract states that one covered spot is alloted per apartment, its not enforced. Complaints made to staff or directly to the manager go ignored and the maintance crew thinks its funny to drive into your car with their golf carts if you try to go around them in the parking lot. There are tons of kids on bikes and skateboards who do the same thing. As for the manager, he's a lying, incompetent jerk and he has no business managing anything. As far as your car goes, windows get smashed, tires get stolen and the teenagers throw drinks, gum, etc on them. There's tons of noise and cars blasting music at all hours of the night. The henderson police are here ALL THE TIME for reasons varying from domestic abuse to shootings. The tenants don't clean up after their pets so there is feces everywhere. If you must live here due to price (unless this new paint job causes them to think it's worth more, which it's not) go into the contract knowing that you get what you pay for and don't expect management to do anything to make your experience pleasant. DO, however, expect to get notices of changes to the contract you signed regarding rent policies in their favor. Nothing you sign into with these people is what you are going to get, they change at will to suit their needs leaving you powerless and screwed. We are finally giving up on the notion that management will ever care about the residents and moving out. Let the insects and vandals have the place, we're out of here.
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Montego Bay Apartments

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