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South Valley Ranch Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
My fiance lived in a 1 bedroom apartment at South Valley Ranch for 11 months. Before the 12th month he enlisted into the Air Force. The scheduled time for him to ship to basic training wasn't until after his contract with the apartment complex was up, then things changed (as they often do with military life) and he had to leave before the 12 months. He did everything possible to forewarn the apartment complex and make adequate arrangements before leaving. However, the people at this apartment complex were very rude and not helpful after they realized he needed to get out of the contract one month early. Since then I have had to deal with them and they are rude to me also. One young office worker there raises her voice, is short worded, and rolls her eyes at just about every question I have. On top of the crappy service, in the ONE YEAR that my fiance lived there, him and I were witness to TWO SHOOTINGS!!! One of which resulted in a man's unresolved death! (The second was the result of OVER 75 kids partying at one apartment.) If you are shoving out as much money as they're asking to pay for the rent, then you'd expect far better service than they give.
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South Valley Ranch Apartments

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