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Ventana Canyon Apartments

1250 American Pacific Drive

Henderson, NV 89074



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
We liked living here at first. They held an apartment in a nice spot for us right in front of a large grassy area for the kids to play in and put new carpet in it. When we moved in little things didn't work. The water to the washing machine was turned off because the hoses leaked. They couldn't fix it the weekend we moved in because they had no maintenance staff. Kind of a pain because our towels and lininens had been packed in storage and were dusty. The light in the bedroom closet didnt work (bad socket). Paint overspray, dirt on some walls, and the tub caulking wasn't right. The management seemed nice and the grounds were clean so no biggie. And then....<br><br>After several months with no problems, the stuff hit the proverbial fan. A piece of molding on our door broke. That was 6-8 weeks ago and still has not been fixed. Just cosmetic so no big deal but... The the a/c started having problems during this last big heat wave. Told the girls in the office and they said that it's probably just doing the best it can do. I'm in the building trades and I know better so I insisted they check it out. Sure enough no one comes to look at it untill a week later when I get home at 1 in the afternoon and my apartment was 90 degrees. To their credit they did fix it that day. Then the tub broke. As in the fiberglass tub cracked. I told them about. A week later I'm back in the office telling them I know it can't be repaired, so please have the maintenance staff look at it so they can get the ball rolling to order and install a new one. A few days later the master bath light switch went bad. I reported that a week ago, and have complained about 2-3 times since then. Kind of important since the lights won't stay on unless you hold the switch. Still no one has come to fix it. Gee they could have done it while they were replacing the tub. I'm now going on 2 1/2 weeks without a master bath tub/shower. It's very inconvienent for a family of 4. They have to repair the drywall and do the tile and linoleum. They tell me by Friday (todays Saturday)it should be done. Of course I should plan on it being a week after that with their track record. The tile people were supposed to show up yesterday and they didn't. It will be Tuesday because this is a 3 day weekend. To the maintenance supervisors credit he seems to be trying as hard as he can. I think it's just poor management. My wife talked to the manager the other day about compensation for the inconvienence. We weren't looking for a free month, just like $40 of the months rent for not having a master bathtub to shower in when we are paying for a full 2 bathrooms. We probably wouldn't have done that had it not taken them a week and a 2nd complaint to look at it. The manager told us that we have another shower to use so legally she doesn't have to compensate anything. My wife's so upset she handed our documentation and lease to our lawyer to see if we can break the lease without buying out. Regardless we are going to break it and hopefully be buying a house by December. <br><br>On to the good points. The grounds are generally clean. You do have to watch for the dog poop though. Some people don't pick it up. If the owner won't pick it up, managment won't pick it up either. I haven't seen any stereotypical welfar/section 8 problems. I haven't seen drug transaction going on right in front of my face. Of course I don't touch that crap so I'm not looking for the closest dealer either. I haven't had anything stolen of the patio. The place seems pretty safe and secure to me. The girls in the office seem friendly enough, but they could care less that you pay money to stay here and expect something to be repaired when it breaks. Its almost like they blow you off untill you walk in there a 2nd or 3rd time ticked off.
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Ventana Canyon Apartments

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