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Alexander Gardens Apartments



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vegasmom • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
remember the old saying when you come and look at these apartments - Looks can be deceiving. When I came out here and looked at these apartments, I saw a place that was clean, and had a friendly staff. There was a work out room, the grounds were kept clean, it was quiet, and it was in a residential area. I have lived in Vegas two years, and I have never had a problem with neighbors or anything until I moved here. The people across the hall were noisy and had parties almost every night. The management doesn't care. Friday and Saturday nights, people are racing through the parking lot, or you have groups of people who are sitting on their living room furniture drinking and partying. Security is a joke, maintenance isn't much better. My dryer has never dried since I moved it, but according to the management here it is my fault. My car was vandalized, it was my fault and I needed to get new friends. My friends are CFO's, Accountants, Lawyers, and doctors who drive hummers and Lexus's. The toilet in one of the bathrooms gets plugged up everytime you put a piece of toilet paper in there, the toilet leans and the first time I sat on it I thought I would fall. There is a divet in my kitchen floor, all the cupboards and drawers are crooked, and when they installed the carpeting they didn't beat down the nails, so my kids and I are always stepping on them (we told the management and they said that they had to have the carpet people come back out because they wouldn't learn their job if they fixed it for them, I am still waiting for them to come). They have "misplaced" my checks and two days after I moved in they were ready to evict me because of their error. The following month same thing, I came in on my lunch hour, paid my rent with a money order, they misplaced it, and two weeks later they called me and told me that I never came in, that I didn't pay, and they were going to file the paperwork for my eviction. Three hours later, after I had proved to them that I paid, they "found" my check. If you want to live somewhere where everybody is perfect, no resident here is obnoxious, gets drunk, drives through a parking lot like the village idiot, and where management won't be on your side and they lie non-stop, then this is the place for you. If you want to live somewhere with friendly management, great staff, then I recommend Silver Stream apartments, wish I never would have moved, best place and people I have ever met.
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Alexander Gardens Apartments

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