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City Center Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
DO NOT RENT/LIVE HERE!! I lived there for 18 regrettable months. First of all: BED BUG INFESTATION! Impossible to get rid of. COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE. I paid through the nose to live there, paid my rent ontime but was too mortified to have visitors. I had to keep ALL of my food in the refrigerator (I once tried to make gravy and when I poured flour into the pot, two dead roaches came tumbling out). I had a glass of iced tea on my nightstand and I reached for it and a cockroach was hanging on to an ice cube! I spent a week (Christmas) away to visit my parents. I came back to find my apartment flooded with over an inch of water, mold already growing and tons of my property ruined. The front desk troll played stupid "oh, we called you when it happened last week". LIKE HELL YOU DID! But thanks for admitting that water was sitting unattended for a WEEK! I am a professional musician; equipment was damaged beyond repair and stage clothes had to be thrown away. I was told "oh, your neighbor fell asleep in the bathtub". Really? NO REIMBURSEMENT for my damages and I stayed and paid my rent faithfully. They had a list at the front desk to sign each Friday if you want the exterminator to spray your unit. I signed it EVERY FRIDAY! And the roaches got WORSE, crawling in through the walls, under the door, through the KEYHOLES! My neighbor kept towels under his door. Did NOT help. The exterminator told me the poison is designed to ATTRACT the cockroaches so they'll ingest it, THEN die, and told me " it gets way worse before it gets better". It NEVER got better, only worse. I physically left when the bedbug infestation hit (after I threw out TWO sets of mattresses!) BUT I still paid my rent to store my remaining things there FOR SIX MONTHS! While I lived elsewhere. I finally left, two months before my lease was up but City Center has the f'ng gall to have a negative/breach of lease report on my credit report?! How dare they?! They got WAAAAY more money out of me than they deserve (they owe ME for dmages and the expensive property I lost!) and STILL maintain a building of even more deplorable conditions than when I left there 4 years ago. Still bedbugs, junkies and hookers live and/or congregate there and the few fixed-income senior citizens that remain are systematically removed (along with OD'd junkies) via bodybags and gurneys through the lobby.SAVE YOUR MONEY, HEALTH, PROPERTY & CREDIT AND STAY AWAY FROM CITY CENTER!!! The thieving, junkie credit-compromising, hooker/roach/bedbug motel of Vegas!
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City Center Apartments

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