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Eagle Trace Apartments



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Office Staff
onederful • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
And I blame management and the owner (s). Been here almost 4 years and it's just a matter of convenience and that's all. <br>We've been broken into twice and it took forever for the door to get fixed the first time. Painters even left paint all over the floor and washed their brushes off in the kitchen sink along with stealing one of our measuring cups.<br>You cannot get a straight answer out of anyone in that office. There is little communication regarding the office staff and the maintainance staff. <br>There are not supposed to be dogs here but there are. Personally, not a big deal but not one owner cleans up after their animals--dog droppings everywhere. It does no good to complain and got told, "well, there isnt supposed to be dogs here..." okay.....<br>They advertise 5 sparkling pools but at any one time, at least 2 are locked and closed down for months. One has been locked since last August.<br>They advertise 3 gyms--I would say at least once a month, one is locked (24 hour fitness). In fact, just recently, one was broken into and in the small room adjacent to the gym, files are stored. That room was broken into but I was told there were no tenant files in there--okay.<br>Boils down to this--there is NOT enough "security" folks here and just recently, we went without security for over 6 weeks. This place is not safe and they need to let folks know that before moving in.<br>Things are NOT honestly advertised here and they need to let folks know and be more honest.<br>We have had enough and are moving soon. I am tired of being lied too (ie, was told several times the "security" would be in place a certain date and it was NOT) and being treated like we're stupid.<br>They have a huge turn-over in office staff and one excuse you'll get when you call about something is, "I just started here", or "I just got back from vacation..."<br>It's sad and could be so much better. I understand from folks that have been here 8 years or so that it used to be really really nice.
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Eagle Trace Apartments

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