Hidden Cove Apartments
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Hidden Cove Apartments

3335 Hauck St, Las Vegas, NV 89146
(15 Reviews)
$1,488 - $1,507/mo

Hidden Cove Apartments Reviews


2.6 rating

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prospectiveVisited 2023


Money Hungry, Unprofessional

First and foremost, I have never in my life been so disrespected and emotionally distraught due to constant foolery from an establishment promising a roof over my head. I was lied to repeatedly about my time money and energy being useful when I had no chance at all of staying in these apartments. After almost two months of calling and being told I have a good chance at getting the place. My money was taken from me and they didn’t plan on giving it back, until my mother who is sick had to jump in and stand up for me. I will never recommend anyone to this establishment not even a dead person. They waste your time. Play with your money. And will convince you, you’re getting a good deal. Don’t apply here. EVER.

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    Resident 2018 - 2021


    I have been here 4 years my lease is up and the rent is going up so i was undecided if i was going to sign a new lease , then i though about it and what i realize what a wonderful the staff is here Rosalind is joy she helps out so much and always smiling , the maintenance crew Fernando & Anthony are phenomenal , and when something goes wrong Laura is there to help solve the problem , as you can probably figure out i just sign a new lease !

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      Resident 2020


      I recently moved out of these apartment do to the lack of information from the front desk. Just about every 2 months there is a new manager. The vinyl on the floors are very cheap and terrible. There was a major water leak in my unit which cased it to mold. They pulled up the carpet, sprayed some type of chemical and put the same carpet back down. They do not tell you what they are charging you for. The corporate office do not want to take care of the concerns or anything. The only thing they will tell you is that they will have the regional manager contact you. Which they never contact you, you have to continue to call them. They do not send any follow information to you. I would not recommend this place unless you like problems.

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        Resident 2015


        I lived at hidden Cove for 8 months. I found this place I thought a god send for the price and area and kid friendly.The move in process took a little longer than told also was given a apartment that was taken from me a given a crap one ,ok then I finally moved in the first month good everything after a nightmare. Apartment was never fully cleaned,broken washer,Microwave,Refrigerator,dishwasher. Then took days just to fix them dare to Inquire about your work order and management gets pissed. The bugs are another problem with this complex ants among others getting into my food gross. Gym never work,never in formed about clubhouse, mailbox being broken into and closed over a month. Grounds all mud and dog poop also flooded from being over watered. Neighbors are horrible blast music, throw parties, running up and down stairs all night complained nothing happened.

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          Resident 2015


          I am a current Renter in this apartment and have some major issues with the place. First off the staff is normally nice but never actually gets things done. The first issue we had was with these Water Bugs, they look like small cockroaches. We pointed it out 2 weeks prior to moving into the apartment. That was back in April, it is now the first week of July and we still see the bugs even though we paid for some traps. Second issue is Appliances, when we signed our lease we were promised new appliances. The Washer / Dryer are old and suck at drying, it usually requires two or more cycles to dry our clothes. When we inquired about it we were told that if it works they won't replace it. Third issue, our upstairs neighbors are very noisy. They blast Bass heavy music and they own a powerful sub-woofer. First week of May we reported that they were so noisy, it is now July and they haven't been kicked out yet. They have thrown a huge party after 10PM and they didn't finish until 3AM. They blast music everyday… See More>
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            Resident 2012 - 2013


            I lived there for 1 year and absolutely disliked it. The appliances were very outdated, can't get into the dishwasher without moving the refrigerator, and the roman tub was cracking at the bottom. For the price I paid I could of had a much better updated apartment. The maintenance were VERY slow and security doesn't do anything except walk around on there phone. I would never suggest this apartment to anyone.



              Hidden Cove Apartments
              Dear Anonymous, Thank you for the review. Many of our units still have the original appliances however we are in the process of updating our apartments on a per unit basis. We do appreciate your feedback regarding security and maintenance and this helps us continue to improve our customer service which is our #1 priority. Kind regards, Olen Living Management
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              Resident 2005 - 2008


              I miss my Paradise in the Sun. A Great Place!

              I lived there 3 years, but unfortunately, had to move on to be with family. Now I live in a smaller place in another state and pay $100 more. I have NO Roman Tub, NO full size washer and dryer, NO thermostat(window A/Cs make noise)and no heated full size pool that is open 24 hours a day. At Hidden Cove, even the exercise room is open and there are showers inside and out !! Do the complainers know how much they are getting for the price ?? Are they slobs who leave food around and draw bugs? Do they wreck things a lot? I can't figure out why management gets such complaints. Besides, approx. every year, they rotate managers from one Olen Property to another. So if you read something from 3 years ago that is bad, IGNORE it ! Re Maintenance, if you are nice to them, keep your place clean, (YOU DON'T own it) they will be nice to you! Get to know the maintenance men and they will treat you fine. They even re-painted my front door, just because some old paint was only faintly showing through. A "Thank You" and something at… See More>
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                Resident 2006 - 2009


                Want to be there NOW

                Reasonable rent, lots of space, and no bugs in my place! One pool IS heated, the one on the east side of the main street, and I miss rolling out of bed, taking a swim, and then taking a full shower inside the exercise/club house that is available. I like the big patios with tiles across the top that look like mosaic. Also, the rounded door entries and windows give it a nice Western look. Why do people complain about everything? If a bug problem or a maintenance problem occurs, report it RIGHT AWAY and note the time and person you advised. Keep after the staff, and they will stay after the maintenance. Olen Properties is tried and true and has MANY facilities in Nevada and California. It has a good reputation. I enjoyed my stay there a lot, but had to go back to Chi Town to be with my new grandchild. 10 degrees here now. ENJOY! p.s. Thinking of coming back, but would like to share a 2 bedroom, up or down doesn't matter, with another female. Email is below.

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                  Resident 2007 - 2008


                  Management is the BIGGEST issue!

                  Most of the negative comments I've read I have had similar issues with. If management would hire decent, competent, maintainance personel... For starters... The bathroom above had pipes leak and caused a minor flood of the master bath... Barney Fife came over a couple days later, walking right in on my sleeping girlfriend without knocking, to look up and say..." Wow! That's quite a problem!" then leave. SEVERAL days later they leak was fixed, followed by a HUGE hole in the cieling being there for almost a month. When I called the office, they told me that they remembered someone having a problem but forgot who. I have been left nasty notes blaming me for things which I could not have even possibly done, and when called on it, I get a" oh, nevermind"... that's it! The Dryer takes 3 full 90 minute cycles to dry and has EATEN numerous articles of clothing. I had to partially dissasemble the oven so that it will even light... We love the location... and the apt itself is nice sized... but for the $$ I would expect MUCH more than the current level of care and concern.

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                    Resident 2007



                    Me and my partner have been living here since June and we have had nothing but problems, one after another. First it was the tub in the bath that was not secured properly to the floor, smoke detector issues, plumbing issues, front door not hung correctly, and general cleanliness issues. It took TWO months to get these things fixed (smoke detector being fire code violation). I asked to get reduced rent for all the unconvineances of not being able to use the bathroom properly and they said that i theri review of the situation that things where handled promptly. Can you believe this! TWO MONTHS! Then there was the flood of the apartment above us. This happened over 3 weeks ago now and I have stained carpets still after being cleaned, MAJOR roach issues, and walls and ceilings that are stained, yet to be remedied. I asked what they planned on doing about possible mold issues with the then soaked walls, and was told "Not to worry, it is Vegas, mold is not and issue in this dry climate." Yeah right....

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                      Resident 2006



                      I lived for six months but had so many problems when I came in, dishwasher stinks and coackroaches comes out of it, toilet area always stinks, seems that they have the sewerage too close to the toilet so you can never have bathroom smell normal. Broken and dirty things everywhere. PESTS is the maine problems and everything is too old and does not function normal. Like dryer is gas, so it dries clothes finally but after two hours, they do not replace it until it breaks, so it is really hard to live with a huge tube inside the bedroom with stinky bathroom in the bedroom, so had to live in our living room for the six month. I would never go back there!!

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                        Resident 2003 - 2005


                        Very decent place

                        My girlfriend and I moved here in January of 2003. Since she is a teacher and a student, most of our deposits were waived. <br>When we moved in, there were a few maintenance issues, including a running toilet and a faulty thermostat, but they were repaired within 24 hours. The management and maintenace staff have both undergone a lot of turnover in the past couple of years, but everyone has always been helpful and friendly. The grounds are well maintained, and kept generally clean. <br>The major problem is with some of the tenants. My upstairs neighbors have sack races around their apartment late at night. That is what it sounds like, anyway, with all the running and jumping around up there. And some tenants seem to think nothing of throwing their empty beer cans into your shrubbery. <br>But, this complex is superior to any other I've lived in. Clean, safe, relatively quiet, and very near to several restaurants and grocery stores. <br>Now that my gf and I are splitting up, she is staying in this same complex, but in a one bedroom. Personally, I think the one bedrooms are… See More>
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                          Resident 1998 - 2004


                          Hell On Earth?

                          Maybe my title shouldn't be so critical, but the place sucks. The maintenance people change hands all the time. Just when you start to get used to the staff, POOF! They get kicked out for doing something overly stupid, like getting drunk IN the apartment complex. It's pretty disgusting. Appliances were constantly needing to be fixed, plus the management hasn't been top notch since I'd first moved there two years before. Basically, the place sucks. The owner of the division of complexes LIKE hidden cove: Olen, obviously doesn't care about whether or not the person is comfortable, all they want is money, in spades.

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                            Resident 2000 - 2002


                            Worst Staff

                            I lived here for two years and the staff was the worst I have ever had to deal with. One time a bag of trash had shown up in the bushes near my door and they left a rude letter on my door about it. Then they were so dumb that they kept on putting eviction notices on my door that were meant for other tenants! In addition, the master bathroom had a leak in the ceiling. Since we lived in the ground level it was quite disgusting to think that the water could have been from the upstairs toilet. It took them at least 3 months to come and fix it. Also, the sencond bathroom had thick mold in the crevices. When maintenance came to "take care of it" they didn´t even get rid of the mold! All they did was put caulking over it! The manager was extremely rude and not too smart. It was talking to a brick wall. For some reason she couldn´t understand why we would have a problem with toilet water leaking on our heads while we were in the bathroom. If… See More>
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                              Resident 2002


                              Just moved in, problems with maintenance already!

                              I have only lived here for 25 days but two major appliances are broken (and were this way upon my move in). my oven and my dryer...not to mention the ceiling fan hanging over my dining room table by a thread. I have called more than once and even went over to the office in person. slow and rude. <br>p.s. they charge $22 per month for water and don´t mention it til time to sign the lease.

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                                Offering resort-style rental living within the heart of Las Vegas. We are located just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, major expressways and fantastic shopping and dining. With our attentive staff, resident events and a full list of amenities, Hidden Cove offers all the comforts of a tranquil home within a metropolitan city.
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                                Hidden Cove Apartments

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                                Hidden Cove Apartments is an apartment in Las Vegas in zip code 89146. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,507. Nearby cities include North Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, Boulder City, and Primm.

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