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Roca Whitney Ranch

5145 Rawhide St

Las Vegas, NV 89122



Resident · 2020
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Office Staff
I would NEVER recommend anyone to live here and simply because of the property manager, Dee! She is rude, disrespectful and non professional to all of the residents. I never seen a property manager work part time, because she's never there! She makes you make an appointment just to see or even speak with her. She's not friendly not engaging to anyone!! If you complain about issues in your home, which there's currently in infestation of roaches in mine (let alone this property) she not pest control will do nothing to fix the problem. When I called to complain, she hung up on me but not before telling me that I need to make an appointment to speak with her and that she was on her way out of the door! If she won't talk to me, then I'll simply talk to corporate, the news stations and the owner of this property which I know is Oak! I can't cook for my family without roaches crawling in my food!!!!
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Roca Whitney Ranch Manager


Good morning anonymous. Unfortunately, I'm truly unsure of whom you may be as I can assure you the interaction via phone call never happened. Neither my staff or I hang up on residents, if we're already on the phone with them, unless the conversation has turned in a direction where neither my staff or I could speak to them without the resident using hostile language. If recently, I've ever said I was on my way out the door, it was either due to having to go to the post office or the bank, which both now require a lot more time to complete due to COVID procedures. Which then, of course I would have suggested an appointment for you to speak with me, so I could make sure I had more than enough time to meet your needs. I am always in the office and have an open door policy, except on certain reporting dates where my calendar is blocked off for either owner or corporate deadlines. Besides that, I can assure you that I am readily available and typically even respond to emails during my off time and after hours, which many residents can verify for you. In regards to the infestation you claim to have, we have very rigorous procedures in place for pest. We have treatments weekly and if peer control notices an infestation, we suggest doing a heavier treatment afterwards, as well as follow ups. I don't show any new work orders for pest control, and a majority of my current work orders already have a plan in place. I'd love to get you on the right track and set you up with this same course of action. If you'd like to personally reach out to me, please do so today, as I would hate for any issues to grow. Looking forward to hearing from you -Dee Merida, Property Manager

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Roca Whitney Ranch

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