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Sandpiper Apartments



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TheSmokingGun • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
Staff was friendly, but there was a small roach problem. This place was okay except for a problem we had with neighbors and the staff didn't address it because they weren't the ones having trouble sleeping. <br><br>We had nice neighbors live beaneath our unit, but when they moved out a bunch of crazy adolescents moved in. They had music blaring all day and night. Their windows were covered with something so you couldn't see them EVER. Well, maybe at 2 am when they opened their door for one of their "guests." People would come and go constantly. My guess was that they were drug dealers because they NEVER left home. <br><br>We complained to the office and they just sent a security guard who did pretty much nothing. Then we called the police. Also, an apartment from BEHIND us called the cops too. A bloodied teenage boy emerged from the apt. crying about his best friend hitting him because he apparently hit on his girlfriend. <br><br>ANOTHER night we had the same problem at 2 or 3 something in the morning (our bed was literally pounding and moving because the music was VERY loud. Well, we called the police AGAIN because what the hell was staff going to do? The Metro police knocked down their door because they wouldn't open it for a LONG time. <br><br>Haha, then the guys left and didn't pay rent. The staff discovered broken doors and walls in the apt. and had to renovate the apt. Sandpiper, you guys should screen your tenants better. LISTEN TO YOUR TENANTS OR YOU WILL END UP SPENDING MORE MONEY BECAUSE YOUR TENANTS ARE THE ONES PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR NEIGHBORS.
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Sandpiper Apartments

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