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Sterling Sahara Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/22/2005
I have had suspicious charges from the office continually. And even after I pointed out they are wrong, they have never apologized to me. They never care about breaking the contract. Two months before I finish my lease, I went to the office to ask her about our Renewal, and the manager told me to pay $155 within the same day. I asked her to wait for two days, and the office said to me that I should pay $215 two days later; which turned out to be this office's wrong charge. (I have never neglected to pay the rent. And I owe nothing.)<br>A few weeks later, there came a letter that was talking about the new rent is going to be $200 higher than the current one. I thought it so susupicious and I looked at the contract, which was saying the rent is to be only $100 higher than my current one when I finish my lease. And there was no apology about this malicious mistake from the office as usual. <br>Inside the room is terrible. We still have water leaking from the ceiling, and nobody has fixed it even though I asked for it to the office. There is another big hole on the closet ceiling of my kid's bedroom since we moved in here, and cockroaches have been coming in here so easily. White fragments are falling down from the ceiling here.<br>Dish-washing machine is out of use from the start, water's been leaking terribly. I have never used this dish-washing machine as it should be. A guy came in here to fix it three days ago, but there is still water leaking, spreading all over the floor. <br>The bathroom water doesn't stop flushing for 24 hours.<br>Even though the landscape looks good and the model room seems nice, the inside is terrible and unbearable and unpleasant to stay at. Even though I telephoned and emailed to the headquarter a week ago, there is no answer to me. This kind of state and condition of this apartment reminds me of a terminal cancer of a person. --Just terrible and speechless.
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Sterling Sahara Apartments

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