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Sunrise Springs Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I am a resident of Sunrise Springs at present! I agree. Part of the problem is that the staff is only worried about filling apartments. They hire security but the security is ONLY to protect the property and not to take care of business that the word security generally means. They walk around with a clipboard and make notes. I feel all employees whether they live on or off the property should be abiding by the same rules that the residents do. But you have a problem with a maintenance person who lives on property (all three of them do) and they are allowed to continue on with disturbing others. BUT other residents who are outside enjoying themselves same as the maintenance people are given a three day notice to vacate. The ones who are being evicted are previous residents who were evicted previously and were allowed to move back here even tho they caused the same problems before. The staff parties all the time. Two are always getting drunk at night. One is even dealing drugs from his apartment. Plays his music loud as hell but if you say something to the office staff, instead of reprimanding him, he is allowed to carry on. Why? Because the management goes and parties at his place and one even is having an affair with him so does that answer the why question? Yes, the dumpsters stick to high heaven! Trash everywhere! The maintenance people take off and hide in their apartment instead of taking care of the property. They to the outer areas which are in view of everybody but the interior areas are just disgusting! Pets are supposed to be a 20 pound limit but there are some really large dogs here. You can tell by the really huge droppings they leave behind. Major drug trade going on. Kids runningg wild with the parents just letting them do whatever to destroy the property just so long as they don't have to deal with them I guess. Sprinklers are broken everywhere so the water shoots up in the air instead of doing any real good or the water from them shoots straight at your car and just makes one nasty mess of it. Don't waste your money washing it cause the next morning it is just as bad as it was before you washed it! Thank God my lease will soon be up. I would not recommend this place to anybody who is trying to live a decent existance! what is the money for the background check for? Well not to keep low lifes out that is for sure. Must add into the staffs commissions. The maintenance guy who is constantly causing problems even gets a free apartment. but I guess as long as you are banging one of the office staff, it will continue. the other one is family to the owners from what I hear. Sux! Royally sux. Just when you think things are gonna get better it gets worse. He won't even fix the lites so people can see better. keeps his dark. I want out!
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Sunrise Springs Apartments

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