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Tropicana Royale Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
The management at this...place was absolutley horrific. Having to submitt to background checks as an ex-con, I had no choice but to choose this slum as my home. However, I didn't write this post to open america's eyes to my endless discrimination, I just want the truth be told about good ole Trop Royale. <br>Trop Royale, where one is never lonely, oh no. There are flocks of diseased pigeons that live in the attics cooing all damn night and day. Trop Royale, where one may open his or her door to a fresh, gooy pile of creamy pigeon guano. Trop Royale, a parallel to the movie "Joe's apartment" only with crickets! At times I often felt like the karate kid. I swear, I could catch a cricket with my bare hands in the blink of an eye. At least six or seven a night would crawl out to say que pasa.<br>The management are swine. There is a beast named Mary who tried to swindle me on more than one occasion. They even doctored my lease to suit their needs. The water which was always free, suddenly came with a price. And did I mention they turn it off 4 to 5 days a week from 9 to 4? A great way to return home from a sweltering Vegas summer after sweating in the shop all day. But they don't care. Nor did they care for my vintage 1977 carpets. The carpet was see through thin and looked like the coat of a street mutt with the mange. <br>To top it off, my wife couldn't even walk around ootside at night. The denizens of this particular seedy neighborhood would cat call, whistle, and ask if she was "workin'". As if they weren't enough prostitutes working that neck a da wood. Guess she was the only decent looking thing around. <br>One night I walked down my crumbling, dung filled steps to occasion the 7-11 for alcohol in search of drowning my ill fated life, only to be approached by a hobo living on my steps. I remember thinking to myself, why would a homeless person, free of any territorial boundaries, choose to lat=y his grief stricken head here of all horrible places. Well, I honestly don't know what he was thinking, he surley must have been crazy.
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Tropicana Royale Apartments

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