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University Park Apartments



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Office Staff
UNLVapartment • Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
The only thing this place has going 4 it is the fact that it's located next to UNLV. ConAm recently took over management and it's gone downhill since.<br><br>PARKING: plenty of spots, but not assigned and mgmt. does not enforce resident only parking, so you have to fight w/UNLV students for a space when class is in session.<br><br>NOISE: the walls are paper-thin, so if you have noisy neighbors buy some ear plugs because mgmt. won't help U. They say "call the cops."<br><br>GROUNDS: the units basically sit on dirt lots. they won't even lay down gravel to keep the dust to a minimum and the laundry rooms serve as urinals for the homeless -- which are not cleaned<br><br>SAFETY: don't park your car here if it doesn't have an alarm! both my and roommates cars have been vandalized.<br><br>MAINTENANCE? forget about it. You have to constantly nag the office staff to get anything worked on. Then they get defensive and give U attitude. Took 2 months to fix a water leak, 2 weeks to fix the heater, and two days to fix the AC when it was 115!<br><br>They also charge $26/mo for water/sewer and require that U have renters insurance. If U don't mind living in the ------ & need 2 B next 2 UNLV it's barely tolerable. <br><br><br><br>
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University Park Apartments

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