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Glenbrook Terrace



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
I moved to Las Vegas in February of 2007, and moved in to Glenbrook in May that year. The buildings seemed nice, the apartments are bigger than most, and the rent is cheaper. They offer a lot of amenities that most apartments on this side of town either don't offer, or don't offer as nicely as they do here. Overall my experience here hasn't been too horrible. The management when I first moved in was awful, but the office staff was nice. One of the women knew everyone by name, always knew what you needed and had it done faster than you would have expected possible. But she knew they had a lot of problems and was the only person who worked to fix it. They had a lot of people who would cause trouble, destroy property and were generally disrespectful to tenants and guests. She has since been promoted, and new people have been brought into the office. They were incredibly rude, new management moved in and started enforcing rules that had not been enforced since the beginning of my lease. A friend of mine got a new car, and came to visit. We assume it was some of the children who lived here throwing rocks, but someone smashed his window on a brand new car he'd had for less than a week. According to the lease, Glenbrook was not responsible for any damage done to anyone's property unless they were somehow being negligent. This is the one property that they FPC manages that doesn't have 24 hour security. Damage was done to my car, as well. A week later, the new management had my car towed because my tags were expired-- a problem which no one had brought up to me until after the car was gone. When I called and asked if it had been towed, they said no, and told me my vehicle had been stolen from their parking lot and there was nothing they would do about it. When I contacted the police department, as it turned out.. management signed off on it to be towed but didn't know. I'm not sure how exactly you eff that one up, but they did. After a confrontation, and lots of arguing, they finally agreed to have my car returned at their cost. Shortly after this the new manager introduced herself to us, and had a meeting where she was able to explain the policies she would be enacting, and how they would be handled. She was very nice about it and very flexible with the tenants who were in good standing with the building. For the most part, the unmonitored children, and teenagers who did a lot of damage are gone. It's pretty horrible, sometimes, because the neighborhood is nice and quiet but many of the people in the building don't have any respect for fellow tenants. The management is slow, the office is never open when they should be, and they're constantly bringing new people in who don't know the situations on the property. They're generally few problems, and they try to work with you as best as possible. I'd recommend Glenbrook to others. As far as many of the apartment buildings around here that I've seen go, for the price, you're getting a great apartment, but you're getting the tenants you pay for. The rent is cheap, and they accept section 8 housing, which usually means people who don't show any respect (not always, but yeah..). Either way, you'll have minor problems, like I said, you get what you pay for, and over all, I've found that it's worth it. I signed a second year lease with them, on the basis that I believe they're improving. I do believe the downside of this building is that amenities like the pool, work out rooms, computer rooms, etc, are closed with the office. When the staff is gone the tenants don't monitor their children enough to leave these buildings open. It'd be nice if they could give out a key for these rooms and allow you to use them, but that's not how it works. So if you don't want to use them too often, then it shouldn't be too bad.
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Glenbrook Terrace

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