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Glenbrook Terrace



Resident · 2005 - 2009
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Before; I moved into Glenbrook. I could'nt understand the status my application. At the time I was a single parent with three kids. Three teenages. I filled out the app.Had to pay $60.00 for me and my two teenagers for a back ground check. A week or so they called me and told me I was DENIED, do to unknown reasons. That pissed me off. I was Section 8 at that time. The reason I was pissed off, is that I lost my $60.00. They say NO REFUND on your background check. But refunds on your deposite. Don't get me wrong. I understand the conciquence of that. But people don't just have money to give away like that. That was in 2004.Three years later I applied again. This time just using me and my 16 yr old daughter. 2 days later, they called. You qualify. What was the difference with me and all three of my children, than just me and my baby girl. My other two never had they own place before so how did I not qualify with them. So I moved in Sept.28th. Before that date, 1 week prior they told me that if I move in on the 28th that I had to turn arround and pay the rent again on the 1st. What kind of ---- was that. I told them I don't think so, That's not fare to the tenants. In the in the pass 3yrs.I've been here we have been through 4 or 5 different managers. My first mananager was a good manager. Tammy was a sweet person, but I don't think that property management thought she was strong enough for position so, she was'nt here anymore. The next mananger came, gone before she even got started. Our next manager was Maria. At first she was this uppidy ----- who thought her p---- did'nt stank. To good for the tenants she was managing. Her attitude was bad. She would come at tenants as she saw them. However your apperance was to her is how she would treat you. Until I went in one day to let her know about my rent. She totally come at me really disrepectful. I had to check her --- and let her know, If you don't won't to be mistreated, and cussed out all the time. You need to treat people the way you won't them to treat you. She was nicer the next time. But once again, property management thought she wasn't strong enough either and sent a new manager in,Yvette Jubilee. I thought Yvette was great. She sorted out some things, got stickers for the cars, got some of the bad people out. But that lasted a minute. I wish Yvette would have kept the meetings going, she said that we would have yenant meetings monthly, but that never happened. The side I live on is great. Never really had any problems. It's quiet, neighbors never really see too many of them. Except for my neighbor who use to live by me, her house was broken into during the day time. I acn't understand why no-one saw anything. That was scary. She moved. My buliding is normally a quiet one. But now I have neighbors with children. Not too happy about that. Now I have to park my car elsewhere because of the rock throwing. The ----in trash is always overflowing because the parents have the kids taking the trash out and they throw it all over the place. Yvette not here anymore. The teenagers come from all over, drug selling, fighting,gun shootings,deaths. I try not to indulge with what goes on in these apartments.Teenages everywhere, the boys are ridiculas. They don't care if you are 20 or 40 so disrepectful. I've been won'ting to move for sometime now, But the rent is really cheap here. When Maria was here the raised the up $50.00 more amonth. I paid that for about a year or so. When I 1st moved in my rent was 824.Then $826. New manager now my rent is $838. What's really going on. They are running a special for the 2 abd 3 bedrooms. 2 bedroom start out at $700. 3bedroom $750, after a yr or so living here you pay the regular rent. I only stayed here cause I could'nt afford the rent anywhere else. I spot where I live is great. I'm off the end in a quiet area. My fiance loves it here. It's ok too me. But I would like to move. But times are really hard for people. What keep Glenbrook moving all these people in are the money they are guaranteed from section 8. They will ruin anything, not that all people on section8 are bad, cause I use to be on section 8. I now pay regular rent. for 3 years now. Since I've lived here there has been several shootings, police stay over here for what they are'nt doing a dame thang. I actually saw a shooting early one morning about 6am right from my balcony. Nothing done about that, kids fighting as soon as they get off the buses, guns being pulled on secuity , some security sleep on the job and too many people getting shot or shot at. Glenbrook could be alot better if they sent in the right people. But all they worry about is the rent. The gates need to be checked and fixed on a consistant basis. Too many people cars and apts getting broken into. That's sad, but they are still moving in all the wrong people. Just 3weeks ago a 17yr old boy was killed in these apts. One shot, but ok! These apts are not safe enough for children nor adults. how much longer before they are taken over by the gang members and drug dealers. I thank god that it's been ok for me and my family since we been here with trouble in my area of the apts. But just this stuff alone is scary. I plan to move real soon!!!!! Me and my daughter.
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Glenbrook Terrace

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