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Vizcaya Hilltop Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
I recommend this place, but barely.<br>I have lived here for eight months and will probably not renew my lease. <br>What's bad:<br> I live in a second level apartment and it is true what they say about the walls- paper. My bathroom obviously shares the same pipes with my neighbor and there is a loud screaming noise every time they turn on the shower. I can also literally hear every word in the music they play at 8 a.m. and although both my other neighbors and I have complained several times to management, nothing has changed, The counter tops in the kitchen are cheap and absorb anything that touches them- I can't tell you how much 409 I've used to get stains off of them. The appliances are poor. My ancient oven varies about 20 degrees from what the dial reads, the equally old fridge has dies twice but they won't replace it. The garbage disposal is worthless and the dishwasher is clearly from the eighties and I find myself constantly re-washing plates. The carpet edges come up and my neighbor and I have both noticed black mold in the shower and on the edges of the cheap linoleum. I installed a low flow shower head and still only get a good six or seven minutes of hot water, and if the heat is on it is less because the heat operates by circulating hot water through the pipes and blowing air over them. PS: Beware of the ice-maker ready label for the freezer, that just means you could have one installed yourself.<br>As far as the community features go:<br>The pool is nice, but I have yet to use the hot tub as there are always thirty people in it at once. The gym is a disaster. One of the reasons I chose Summit Trails was for the fitness center, and most of the machines don't work or work poorly.<br>My parking space is a three minute walk from my apartment (not fun when hauling groceries) and the construction which I was assured on move in would be done soon has been going on for eight months. My car is constantly blanketed in dust from it and I have had two tires replaced from picking up nails. I could park on the street just a few steps from my apartment, but cars are constantly broken into.<br>What's good:<br>As I said, the pool is nice and the grounds are kept up well. The times I have called for maintenance, they are very quick to respond and take care of everything, but management is too cheap to replace appliances, instead replacing parts even when they fail over and over (hello fridge!) The apartments are pretty big (I have a two bedroom) and each has a large pantry. The former patio is now enclosed and carpeted which is odd, but good in those Reno winters. The staff is nice also. If you don't mind old appliances and are lucky to move in next to quiet neighbors, you'll like it.
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Vizcaya Hilltop Apartments

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