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Park Vista Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
I found Park Vista online when I was moving out here from Colorado. It seemed really nice, so I thought I was playing it safe by spending the extra money.<br><br>My first bad experience was when I called the day before I drove all of my stuff 1000 miles to a new place. I asked the nice girl in the office how late the office was open so that I'd be sure to arrive in time to get a key and get checked in. But either she didn't care or can't count, because she told me they closed an hour later than they actually did. So my first night here I had to spend in a smoking room in a ------ casino for $70, with all of my worldly possessions lying exposed in the bed of my truck. I asked to be reimbursed for the hotel charge since it was their responsibility, but that never happened.<br><br>The next problem I had was with a dishwasher that was missing a piece when I moved in. This caused the dishwasher to leak buckets every time I ran it. I put in several work orders, and when the maintenance finally came to 'fix' it, they just put a note on my door saying that nothing was wrong with it. So it continued to leak and if you're in that apartment now, you know what I'm talking about.<br><br>The pool by my apartment was closed about once a week. That, in itself, didn't really bother me. What bothered me was the fact that the reason the pools were closed is because residents let their toddlers use the pool as a toilet. The management were not proactive about discouraging this.<br><br>Parking was available, but it wasn't assigned, so it was a crapshoot whether you'd get near your apartment or not. <br><br>Construction of the new carports was completed about 80% of the way, and then abruptly halted with potholes, yellow tape, and even tools all over the ground. It was left that way for my last 3 months there.<br><br>Although I could only hear my neighbors through the wall one time, when their surround sound was really loud, that doesn't mean there were no noise problems. Residents would race through the street at night and hit the speed bumps so fast it sounded like a train wreck. There were many nights of people blaring their car stereos, couples fighting, firetrucks, and people doing inappropriate things in the hot tub that all made tons of noise through the windows. I tried calling the 'security patrol' in these instances to get some quiet, but I think the number they gave me was a fake, because I never got a response.<br><br>Oh yeah, watch out for the cat poop. And also watch out for crazy neighbors who set traps to kill peoples pet cats (and then threaten you when you ask him to remove it). And if you do have a neighbor who threatens you, don't rely on Park Vista management to do anything about it. You'll just have to wait your lease out and carry mase.<br><br>Also, it drove me crazy how, even though we live in a desert that's starved for water, the apartments would water three times every day in the summer. What a waste of natural resources.<br><br>That's pretty much every complaint I have.<br><br>The good things were that the rooms were nice sizes, the paint was fresh, and the marina was nearby for somewhere to exercise. And let's face it. There's not much better anywhere in Reno/Sparks.
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Park Vista Apartments

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