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Campus Manor Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
These apartments are some of the cheapest around for a few good reasons. First of all, the washer and dryer are downstairs in the creepy basements, and each load is $1.50. They just recently started using laundry cards which are not so convenient when you have to go to the office to put money on them and the machine does not accept one dollar bills. There are no ceiling fans or lights, and a lot of the apartments don't have light switches or outlets in the bathroom. One of our bedrooms has a window that doesn't lock because the window is not the right size, and all of our windows are drafty. There have been several break-ins since we have lived here, but not hard to believe since we can't even lock everything and anyone can walk into these buildings off of the street. The main doors to the building have no locks. Our apartment also lacks 3-pronged outlets, and our power strips are always buzzing I'm guessing because the wiring is so old. The cheaper apartments definitely don't have dishwashers, and the small kitchen has hardly any counter space. Our fridge broke multiple times, and we had to throw out everything in there 3 times. You cannot read the numbers for the burners on the stove or for the oven because they have worn off. Everything is old and outdated. Most importantly, the apartments are very noisy!! Not to mention most of the neighbors are college students who do not have any consideration for anyone else who may be living around them. Campus manor stresses that they have zero noise tolerance, but they won't enforce this. It specifically says in the lease no noise will be tolerated including instruments that annoy others, but they don't care. After they attribute the problem to your stress, they will give tenants a slap on the wrist, but heaven forbid they lose any money by following through. Some of the staff is very rude, and basically they don't take young girls seriously. Nothing will be done about smoke or noise complaints. The maintenance staff is generally very nice, but there is only so much they can do to repair old fixtures in these apartments. If you are looking for a college scene then this is the place for you. If you are professional, considerate of others, have a family, or just want to get some sleep I would recommend looking elsewhere. Before you move out they make you pay to get the carpets cleaned as well. There are many more appealing choices that may be a bit more expensive, but you have to consider these things. I wish that I would have before paying for a cheap apartment where I get no rest and no help from the office. Many more surrounding apartments are comparable in price and have much more to offer.
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Campus Manor Apartments

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