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Campus Manor Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Not an awful place to live, but there are better. The apartments are small, especially in respects to the kitchen and bathroom. However, you only need to pay electric and cable/internet. All other utilities are included. Parking is fine, unless its winter. Then you are competing for spots outside your building because people that live on Campus Drive can't park in front of their building. So rather than park in the lot designated for such problems, they take everyone else's spot. So, if you come home late, expect to hike it from the car (unless you live next to the big lot, of course). Also, Campus Manor does not enforce the parking restrictions (lots are for residents only, guests should park in the big lot). If you complain about it, they send someone out to put a sticker on their window. That's it. Never seen someone towed even after repeated violations. The basement/storage is disgusting. Concrete floor with inadequate lighting. The storage lockers are damp. I wouldn't step in without shoes nor put any of my belongings on the ground without proper protection. There is laundry in the basement, but its $1.50 for each the washer and dryer ($3 total!) which can only be paid for with the laundry card. You can hear everything that is going on in the hallway outside your door as well as anything loud that may be happening in the apartment above/beneath you. If people are loud outside your building, you'll hear that too. My biggest complaint is that my neighbors across the hall smoke pot to the point that I can smell it on the other side of my apartment. Told Campus Manor, and they said that if I want anything done about it, I have to involve the police (nevermind that its a breach of contract apparently). They have started making some buildings smoke-free. The area is well lite, however in 2011 there were break-ins to several first floor apartments. We were notified of the problem, but never told if they were caught. The sidewalks are always well cleared. Maintenance is pretty good with a quick response for evening emergencies. A couple day wait for non-emergencies. There are breed restrictions on dogs: Pits, Rotts, Dobs are not allowed. You pay a $200 refundable deposit and $25 additional to your rent. There are many dogs around and a nearby gated park that you can let your dog off to play. The area is within 5 minutes of just about everything: Boulevard, 290, Tops, Walmart, etc. There is a high resident Asian population and young students as we are close to Daeman and UB South. I currently live here, but I am looking forward to moving out at the end of my lease. Personally, its because of lack of space, parking, and my neighbors. I would recommend this place for someone who just needs a well-priced place for only a couple years.
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Campus Manor Apartments

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