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Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I am a current renter of the complex from hell. I have never lived in a complex where they make up stuff to upgrade and change while the renter lives there. They do this to check on the condition of the apartment. They upgraded our kitchen before we moved in. We had just moved in and they called requesting to show our apartment to the managers of the company to see how they liked it. I still wasn't unpacked and had strangers trampling through my apartment getting it a mess and looking at my stuff. Then they put FIOS in every apartment about 6 months later, then it was the heating issues that needed to be tested. Now it is currently electric that is being upgraded and they make you empty closets and rooms every time. I have moved my stuff more in and out for there bogus upgrades. Meanwhile the maintenance like clogged sewer pipes, is not a priority and hasn't been fixed. My apartment has the sewage back up every time it rains and they do nothing about it. The move out rate is so high the people that paint and carpet do a ------ job. The paint is peeling all over the apartments and they send out warnings of the lead in the paint. The carpet attaches with nails and they pop out and prick your feet, can't walk bare foot in the apartment without stabbing yourself. Parking is a nightmare, they have signs posted all over the place saying tickets will be written. They aren't they give a warning that that car is parked illegally with a piece of paper and the rules. Those are littered all over the grounds. Then they put on a sticker saying your car will be towed. I have counted 6 stickers out my window writing this right now. Still in the same spot as the previous stickers. A big snow storm hits they don't plow until the hours of 8 am- 5 pm so if you work nights good luck getting out. You are advised to call in sick because they aren't plowing. Emergency maintenance will have you on hold for 20- 30 mins average and then proceed to swear and cuss at you until you hang up. They are dealing with the same complaints night after night because the maintenance men are to busy cutting grass, picking up garbage, and tending to the plants to fix things. The one guy even hides at Dent Tower to avoid doing work. The other one falls asleep on the ride on lawn mower. But don't worry they all get there breaks and smoke right outside the windows so the smoke blows in too. The office staff is the best ever at not doing there job. They don't care about the problem, they need to know who you are, where you live, before asking what the matter is. The one guy at the desk, is a young and is very rude, and talks to people like they are uneducated, and stupid. When you ask a question he doesn't know the answer to he fumbles around and tells the people they are wrong. He doesn't pass on information either so you could be waiting for a call back for days. He has a huge attitude problem and is not a people person at all. The manager has his hands tied, he tries to help but lacks the skills all by himself. You call and make a complaint he will attempt to address it. The only real thing they are super quick on is if rent goes up and you forget the extra money, they personally visit to remind you, that your rent was short. They spend way to much time on the exteriors of the buildings and the interiors are shabby and gross. There is a infestation of spiders in all the hallways and the buildings. They refuse to deal with them at all. My dog got bit and required Emergency Room care because of the reaction to his face, and breathing. They wouldn't even call me back with what to do about it, I called in a private exterminator and they handled it, at least in my apartment. They lack caring and knowledge. I would not recommend this place, you would have a better experience in the city. Crime is high here, cars get broken into and looked into every morning. There are drug dealers in the complex. Solicitation is abundant and annoying. If it isn't the Chinese Restaurant, or Yings and the Town Pub, it is Gospel Bible talkers, Jehovah Witness and the Vapor shop. If that doesn't clue you in the people that they have cleaning the carpets in the foyers and hallways are ex-criminals, they yell and scream at each other all morning and talk about there court dates and everything. They also try to open the doors and claim they are cleaning. Campus Manor contracts them out and they refuse to do anything they tell you to call the Police. The next week the same people are back cleaning. They also have the best dog policy but they don't control it at all. There is a bully dog who has drew blood on several dogs and they are still in the neighborhood. The dog has also bit the owner twice, when she has tried to break up the dog fight. So beware with your pups outside on walks. These are all real accounts that have happened I am moving out in the spring, and it couldn't come sooner. Hope you enjoy your time at Campus Manor. This is to educate you and I wish more people were honest about there experience I would have never looked her and the only reason we stayed so long is because of our dog.
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