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Campus Manor Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
PLEASE READ! I am currently living at campus manor as a Daemen student, this review is best for college students. The Good - Location, It's quiet, room you can have dogs, Its nice outside, it can be nice inside, you can paint the walls, the price, the staff. First off, if you live in any dorm or suite style room on campus, you will never get as much personal and storage place as here. It's close to most anyplace you could want to go to, Walmart, Aldi's, Restaurants, and you could commute to 5 or 6 different colleges around here. This is one of the only places that allows dogs, you do have too pay like 25 a month, kind of greedy on their part, but its worth it. It is quiet here, I am use to country where it is silent, and I don't think its much different here. It is nice outside, the ground are very well kept, mowed twice a week and well trimmed shrubs, the parking lots are well paved. if you do some decent shopping for furniture and paint the walls, the insides can look really nice. 860+ utilities is super cheap for amherst. Amherst is very nice BTW. Most places I looked were at least $1200, without utilities and heat not included, and no dogs allowed. Other places have much worse reviews than here Most the staff are nice and seem to care. Also other places may not have a dishwasher. I would highly recommend a Cortland floor plan, easily the best IMO. The Meh - Parking, Walls, Safety Parking depends on your spot, try to get in a court and not on the main road. You'll have less of a walk in the winter, closer to the trash and the big parking lot. The buildings are from the 50's so they aren't perfect, the have some imperfections, but not a deal breaker. I feel safe here. Your safe here because it's a nice community, so the chances of there being a robber, or the chances of being picked out of the hundreds of apartments are slim. But I dislike that anyone that can pick a deadlock can get into my apartment. They should have electronic locks on the building door that you get in with a card. The bad- Laundry, basement. The basement is filthy, bad lighting, ------ storage, and crappy laundry. Take your laundry just down the road, its cheaper and better, takes one hour. I have not seen any mold, in my apartment or any that I visited. It's a decent place to live, I would definably recommend it to college students. My neighbors are married and have a child, so three people is possible. Also I'd like to note that people are very friendly around here, at least the ones I have met. I have been concerned about getting 100% of my security deposit. Luckily I have had problems with previous businesses before and I know how to work with the BBB, it has always worked in my favor, so I'm not worried about getting cheated.
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Campus Manor Apartments

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