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London Towne Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
It's overall a nice complex however it's for sure not worth the price they charge. Every year the rent increases by $20 yet they do not upgrade anything inside the apartments. I have a kitchen that looks and is most likely from the 70s and nothing has been upgraded. However, I know other people within the complex and they have new cabinets and floors etc. yet we all pay the same rent. It's ridiculous. You just don't know what you'll be getting. My only complaint with the maintenance is that I've had a leaky tub for months yet everytime I call about it a man comes and turns the knob really tight...he doesn't actually fix the problem. So then it takes several minutes to untighten it when I want to shower and yupp of course the tub is still leaking 24/7. Also, when the maintenance men were in here to fix my sink, I allowed him to do so while I wasn't home. I came home that night to find my apartment wide open because the moron forgot to lock the door. WONDERFUL. Also, be aware you get heat included and thank goodness because the walls are VERY POORLY insulated as well as the windows are new, yet wind gushes through them all the time. You have to blast your heat to keep the apartment at a decent temp. in the winter. Lastly, I was lied to when I first moved in. I was told that the rugs were all new and the walls were frshly painted. My walls were certainly not painted and the rugs had stains randomly through out. I didn't care but the property managers shouldn't lie. All in all it's a decent place but for the rent price I would look elsewhere.
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London Towne Apartments

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