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Fairside Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2014
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Office Staff
ill go right down the line with the things they ask me to rate. parking: some units its fine other like mine is a pain because there is far to little and to many apartments for it. the managers dont enforced unregistered vehicles on the property so theres two out front of my unit noise: my unit has noisy neighbors who smoke so much mine smells like an ashtray and management does not right them up as per the rules. grounds: the grounds wouldnt be all to bad if once again management enforced the rules. children of any age are allowed to run around un supervised and they leave trash everywhere. once again something clearly stated in the rules that is not allowed. safety: besides speeding through the parking lots it is pretty safe here its not a bad neighborhood to begin with and police work with the management to make drive throughs a few times a day. construction: these buildings are not done well they are drafty and smells and noises are shared easily between apartments. the sinks for downstairs and upstairs apartments are interconnected and the disposals upstairs will backup the downstairs sinks. if the downstairs sinks are being worked on you cannot use water in the kitchen or it rains down on the people working. besides that it all looks nice and looks like a pleasant place to live. i like the fact it isnt run down looking. maintenance: sometimes it can be a little annoying i feel short cuts are taken but our maintenance man is really nice and does his job pretty well for all the work he has for just one person. staff: we have had 5 managers in the time ive been here all but the first have been in and out so its been very frustrating. managers do not enforce the rules which is very frustrating. overall: its a nice place if the management could just get things together.
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Fairside Apartments

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