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Wellington Woods



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/29/2016
The management and the employees alike are abusive. One of the workers got in my face the 1st month that I lived there. He called me a welfare case and a -----. When I complained, the man in charge, Manager said "what do you expect, he had to come back to work. If you are not one of their favorites they will threaten you and eventually evict you if you call another tenant any name whatsoever, regardless of the circumstance. They have allowed every tenant to harass me since I've lived there, when I finally stood up for myself, they would complain and I would receive a lease violation. They tell me I'm imagining the stomping and banging upstairs and don't complain because they'll evict me. Smokers have rights, non smokers do not! Dogs poop and pee outside your window all day and night. The cite manager gossips about the tenants with other tenants, the maintenance men and the mailman. Site manager told my boyfriend to leave me. I was screamed at by both management heads for calling the police on the tenants upstairs because they were new. They woke up my children under 5 for 7 nights in a row. I couldn't take it anymore. I documented pages upon pages concerning the loud stomping and banging from 10pm until 4:30 am. I was told my complaints were baseless and that I was harassing the upper tenants by telling them to stop stomping and banging and that they were waking my children. This place Is pathetic. Now there is a bed bug infestation. Lets not forget the drunks, and the crack dealers who reside here. Other tenants would linger around my windows and eavesdrop. When I complained, I was told not to look out the window if it bothered me so much. Same with the smoke pouring into the windows from the people hanging outside my son's bedroom window, drinking, behaving sexually with one another and getting drunk. I was told to close my windows and not to look out of them. I was blackballed for exercising my right to peaceful enjoyment of the apt. I have been happily evicted for noise from my children during the day and the upper tenants continue to stomp and crash around on our heads every night. Also for supposedly threatening to call the police on them. Not true. I don't communicate with them. Tenants will get together and lie about another tenant in attempt to get them evicted. They lied about me and my fiancé, said we were fighting when I was in the hospital having my baby. They kept throwing dates at me when it supposedly happened at a meeting I was called into only thing was I had complications and was in the hospital for 5 days. Every date they came up with, I had proof that I was in the hospital. Water ended up in the vent of my brand new 850 dollar dryer. When I told them about it, the response was "my dryer didn't cost that much". The maintenance man who formerly harassed me said looks like its time to get a new dryer and laughed. They are responsible. I am currently opening a case against the management at wellington woods. Do Not Rent From These Demons!!!!!!!!
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Wellington Woods

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