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Edgebrook Estates



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I have lived here for 2.5 years (in 2 different apartments in 2 different buildings) with my girlfriend. We moved because the size and layout of the kitchen in the first apartment was ridiculous. Two people couldn't stand in the kitchen at the same time and you couldn't open the dishwasher, refrigerator or stove if any of the others were open (the doors opened into each other). This could have been addressed before we moved in and we could have picked a different apartment but they absolutely refuse to let you see your apartment before you move in. Overall I would say this is a safe place and a nice apartment for young couples, young professionals, elderly couples or small families (no more than 2 small children). Pros: safe, close to shopping centers and highways (I90, 190, 33), grass cut and trimmed weekly, heat and cable (basic) included, friendly office and maintenance staff, maintenance issues handled promptly, pet friendly, neighbors generally nice but you do get the occasional A-hole, plenty of wild life (ducks and deer) to give a rural feel in a urban area. Cons: buildings are old so you have creaky floors, drafty apartments, thin walls and out dated appliances, can smell whatever your neighbors are cooking, can hear any talking in the hallway like they are in the apartment, buildings only cleaned once a month (so the main hallway and laundry room are always dirty) -- this wasn't any issues in the first building we were in, snow removal is a joke (people fall often) and the guy hired to plow could do a better job, rules regarding dog size (I've seen many dogs that were obviously over the weight limit), dog poo removal (by pets owners) and laundry room etiquette not enforced -- unless you consider a note on the bulletin board or on the door of all 12 apartments enforcement (actions never taking), cannot see your apartment until move in day, we had to harass the office to get our early renewal reward (carpet shampoo -- it took 6 months and 4 phone calls before they came to shampoo the carpets), no 3 bedroom apartments, apartments on the pricey side considering the age of the building and appliances.
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Edgebrook Estates

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