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Edgebrook Estates



Resident · 2016
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So I was a first time renter, did some research and chose Edgebrook. Signed the lease. I stayed there for literally a week before moving out and these soulless managers literally charged me a YEARS WORTH OF RENT. You are not allowed to break lease and there's no wiggle room. My stuff was literally out of that place within a few months -- I figured, surely theyll charge me for the months I had my stuff there(which I was fine with) and an extra month or two and let me move on peacefully like any decent human being would, but nope. Charged for the WHOLE YEAR for one week's worth of living. I tried to get replacement tenants by posting on craigslist and asking around and offering MULTIPLE MONTHS FOR FREE if someone took on my lease. I took multiple people to visit that place and they didn't want it for one reason or another(smelled, paperthin walls with too noisy with the neighbors, dirty hallways). I actually found someone AND THEY DENIED HIM cause he didnt make quite as much money as me. I couldnt get rid of the place despite offering people multiple free months of rent -- they could all tell the place was crappy. And I should have sued for the rent because renter companies are ethically obligated to try to fill vacancies when renters leave and there's New York state trials where the renter won based that expectation, and I know they havent took a SINGLE person into that place even though I tried multiple times to fill it(did the paper in the door trick -- no one entered my place) AND offered them a replacement they denied. I genuinely feel like they stole thousands from me and are ok with it. One star cause its a four minute drive from chipotle.
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Edgebrook Estates

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