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La Bonne Vie II



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Office Staff
Daisyamlin • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I lived in La Bonne Vie II for 2 years. Moving out was the best thing I ever did. The staff in the office are a bunch of mean old ladies who don't care about anything--even though when you are first talking with them, they seem nice--until you are suckered in. The maintenance people let themselves in whenever they please and I am missing plenty peice of jewelery. You can hear everything through the walls from the other tenants and if you are upstairs you must walk on eggshells --if you are downstairs you deal with rats. The place is dirty and the security is a joke. My car was robbed twice--not once but twice in the time I was there. Where was the security. I moved out in September of last year but my sister in law still lives there--she just told me that another apartment was robbed--they kicked in the air conditioner and let themselves in--gee where was security. <br><br>My suggestion--just say no--even though the price is low--you will pay for it in so many other ways--fuel increase, theft--or the rediculous 2 months of security that they dont give back--they nickel and dime it until there is nothing left. And for everyone I have ever talked to, they charge for a brand new rug--even when it wasn't brand new when we moved in and we did not let anyone on the carpet with sneakers for the whole time--had the carpet cleaned twice a year and there was no stains--hmmm go figure.
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La Bonne Vie II

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