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Victorian Gardens



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
Let me begin with the parking, you are told that each apartment is allowed two spots. The building I am in has 12 spots INCLUDING 2 handicap spots, the building has 8 apartments. Do the math.<br>It's not a surprise to me that there are robberies, the robbers don't even have to 'break' in they just have to open the windows because most of them don't lock, fortunately I live on the second floor. <br>Security is a joke, they run on a "if we're in the mood to check" basis.<br>There aren't enough garbage dumpsters to accomodate the tenants so the tenants have to put the garbage on the side of the dumpster, Victorian Gardens solution: Charge the tenants a $15 assessment fee to take care of the extra garbage.<br>The place was built with the cheapest materials they could find. It is literally falling apart, nails coming out of the walls, cracks in the walls and ceilings, etc.<br>They claim the walls are sound proof, I beg to differ, I can hear every sound coming from the apartment next door, EVERY SOUND! I spoke to the tenant that lives below us, he can hear everything we do, EVERYTHING!<br>These walls are paper thin, so thin in fact that the people next door smoke...AND THE SMOKE GETS INTO OUR APARTMENT! Are you kidding me?!<br>The staff is impossible, especially if you work for a living, their hours are riidiculous, 9-5. The same goes for the pool hours. Both the office hours and the pool hours only accomodate people who don't work. Everyone else is out of luck.<br>During the spring and summer the bottom of our stairs in our apartment is full of bugs of all kinds, they just crawl right under the door.<br>There are times when the smell from the sewage treatment facillity that serves the complex, is overwhelming and don't be fooled the smell from the Waste Management Facility accross the street is nowhere near as bad as the smell from the sewage treatment facillity.<br>We are so disgusted with this place and have been continuously looking for other places to live, unfortunately you have to time your move just right or it will cost you a ton of money to break your lease, if you rent on October 1st, you better move out on October 1st or you'll have to take out a loan.<br>The snow removal was non-existent until I would say two or three days AFTER the snow falls, they only salt the loop, they don't salt the parking lots, and the times they do, it's long after the threat of ice has passed.<br>God forbid you're late with your rent, they don't even give you a warning, they just mail a demanding and threatening letter in which they explain all the fees and penalties you owe if you don't pay your rent immediately, then you're told you have to be out ASAP. It doesn't matter how long you've been living there, you could have been living there since it opened and paid your rent on-time or early every month then if you're late on your last month you're treated like a criminal, there's no courtesy of a phone call to find out if there is a problem because they haven't received the rent, no just 'get out' and give us a ton of money. Where's the humanity, where's the loyalty, where's the respect. I'm not saying it's OK for the rent to be late, but give someone the benefit of the doubt before you drop the ax on them.<br>The few things we like about the apartment complex are: We have a balcony overlooking the lake which gives us a spectacular view and a nice place to sit and relax after a hard day of work. The landscaping is beautiful, it's too bad they concentrate too much on that and put no thought in courteous management and quality building materials. Never judge a book by it's cover, this place may look beautiful, but once the veil is removed you'll see a rotting ugly mess.<br>I hate this place and can't wait to get out. I implore anyone who is looking into renting from Victorian Gardens, DON'T DO IT!!!!!
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Victorian Gardens

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