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Harborside Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
Well lets see...where should I start? At first Harborside Manor seemed like an ideal place to start my life in the cuse, but wowie, was I wrong. I first moved into a 1 bedroom b/c it was cheap and there was no money up front to get moved in. Let me preface this next sentence by saying all 1 bedrooms are basement apts. After several instances of flooding(literally 2-3 inches of water in the hallway)and a nice run-in with mold growing on my closet wall(and on my sweaters) I decided to move on up to the 3rd floor. Sounds nice, 2 bedrooms, a deck. Nope! The floor was uneven and LOUD, every step felt like I was going through! Although there was more room and light, still pretty crappy.<br>Now lets move on to the leasing office. Talk about mis-management. First of all, after I switched apartments, they screwed up my billing. After living in the new apt for about 6 months, I was served with court papers claiming I hadn't paid my rent since I moved. WHAT?? The entire previous year, I had paid on the same day of the month, in the same manner with no problems. However, now after 6 months, they decided to let me know that they hadn't received my payments...the checks were cashed, but not applied to my rent?!? WTF how does that happen? How do they not contact me after the first month? Anyway, I had to go through a lot of BS to prove that I had been paying right along and they were in the wrong. Next, they tried to whack me with a $100 late fee for each month that they "thought" I missed. Wow, does that sound fair. Not my fault they screwed up and are completely incompetent...<br><br>Words of wisdom, avoid Harborside Manor. If the low cost is too much to resist, document EVERY SINGLE payment you make, b/c you may need to prove you're an honest, hard-working tennant.
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Harborside Manor

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