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Westminster Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
Office manager is rather nice and down to earth. Her new helper (---) is pretty sorry and lazy. maintenance team is good and comes or calls when they are needed. <br><br>The footsteps upstairs were enough to drive me absolutely insane. I could hear them tip toe. <br><br>Spiders are ALL OVER THE PLACE! i think since its winter they have calmed down a bit. in the fall i was killing almost 10 a day and these are no little spiders. ive seen some small ones and some that were about an inch long/ thick and black...eeek!<br><br>The kitchen sink would have been better made of paper. the thing is so small and cheap. theres also 0 storage space. i actually have 2 drawers in my kitchen. <br><br>You wouldnt be able to tell unless you looked closely but the apartments are atleast 35 years old. both my toilets are from the 70's and work like it to. <br><br>My main bathroom ceiling actually started leaking water from upstairs through an old patch job someone had previously done. <br><br>The "Extra storage space/ storage units" arent actually units. its basically sheets of old plywood sectioning off a dirty hallway in the laundry room. I wouldnt even leave my trash in there...apparently others dont have a problem leaving their trash in there. it actually looks worse than a dirty basement with cobbwebbs/ spiders/ trash/ dirt/ dust all over.<br><br>If your planning on moving in, make sure you look real closely during your inspection and get everything fixed the first time.<br><br>They say theres no security deposit but its more like a security deposit that you dont get back. $300 non refundable fee "we dont do security deposits".
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Westminster Place

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