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Independence Plaza North



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Office Staff
Resident 1994 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
I'm a 22-year resident of Tribeca (my entire life). I remember the days where my father taught me to ride my bike in empty lots on Greenwich Street, when I attended PS 234 in a class of 23, when every inch of Washington Market Park wasn't covered in protective foam padding. To those of you moving here, it might seem "cute" and "trendy" but to the thousands of us in IPN - the ones who have withstood the abuse and harassment of the management - this is our home.<br><br>I am torn apart by the thought that I will never be able to move back into the neighborhood in which I spent my childhood. I will never be able to afford the rent so that I can remain near my family members downtown (9 generations - 7 on the Lower East Side, 2 in Tribeca). And why? Because someone with a degree from NYU or a new job on Wall Street decides they want a cool zip code. <br><br>Don't come to IPN. Don't move to Tribeca. The gentrification of my home has brought nothing but people who only see the area as a novelty and bring nothing constructive to it. <br><br>PS: Any one else remember the days before Gee Whiz sold $8 hamburgers?
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Independence Plaza North

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