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The Olivia



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
And I hate to say it, but stereotypes about "The Tribe" do hold true: I can say unequivocally that the members of the new Pennmark/Olivia management are some of the most underhanded, dishonest, tasteless, and above all CHEAP people that I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. <br><br>Midway through an air tight signed and executed lease agreement with the Pennmark they attempted to raise my rent on the fraudulent premise that they had "tax authority" to do so. Uhh . . . didn't see a government seal anywhere on my lease agreement. So on whose authority? Your rabbi's tax authority? <br><br>Decor, maintenance & upkeep: a joke. The lobby layout looks like a REJECTED set design from Gilligan's Island. A weird --- tropical theme display complete with fake palm fronds duct taped inside of chipped up rectangular wooden vases. Bizzare. Totally out of place. Nothing to do with New York City. Seriously, who are they catering to? The last time I checked, Cheetah the chimpanzee lived in the jungle. Maintenance blows, too. Elevators are trashed and dead bugs populate the inside of the elevators' light fixtures. No effort made to clean it. Floor of the lobby is discolored and the walls are scraped up. <br><br>Oh, and one other thing - the rent that they're asking for is WAY OUT of line given the context of the (non-existent) neighborhood. We're talking 34th & 8th Avenue here - NOT Chelsea, NOT the Upper West Side - but no-man's land Midtown West. And management wants $3,800 for a one bedroom? Let me remind you that the Olivia's surroundings include a plethora of porn shops, fast food joints, bums, and oh yes, my personal favorite, heroin addicts. <br><br>And I won't even mention the occasional shooting that takes place whenever a rapper plays at the Hammerstein Ballroom behind the building. Yes, it's the perfect place to take an evening stroll. <br><br>So I'm moving out. And most of the people on my floor that I talk to are moving out. So do yourself a favor and pass on the Olivia / Pennmark. You'll be glad you did.
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The Olivia

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