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...after I have finished my business with the management here. I will state that these apartments are old and run down as stated in a couple other reviews. In the kitchen there are no electrical outlets anywhere near the counter tops for small appliance use. Electricity has been made available by a power strip attached to the wall and plugged in somewhere behind the refrigerator. There are also no outlets in the bathroom. None. For me to use my electric trimmers, I must run an extension cord from the bedroom, through the hall and into the bathroom. If I have any other appliance 'on' at the same time the coffee maker is running, the whole house goes into darkness. The master breaker switch always trips off. The reason I will have to update my review is because I have spoken with past renters here and was told that they never received a dime of their security deposit back when they moved. I contacted Tracy (apartment manager) and told her that since I was moving out of state (Florida) and the cost of this move will be quite extensive, I would need my security deposit as soon as I hand over the keys to her. Se chuckled at this request acting as if she thought I was born yesterday. She informed me that because of the way 'they' do business, it will take up to thirty days to get my deposit back to me. I asked her to have the owner contact me so I can discuss this with him. She said she would and here, over two weeks later, I have heard nothing from him. I am very leery as to whether I will get any of my security deposit back. I usually never complain unless the issue is something near and dear to my heart. I provided a condition report to management (see below) and have maintained this apartment the best my wife and I could. In fact I can honestly say that this apartment is in better condition then it was when we moved in (2009). They have provided me guidelines I must apply with for 'move out' procedures which threatens outrageous charges for carpet shampoo and other 'preparations' for the next tenant which will come out of that deposit ($100 for a 600 sq foot apartment carpet shampoo??) The carpet being dirty and having paint stains were reflected on the condition report when I moved in. I early 2010, the two apartments above me were broken into and cleaned out of all valuables. I was contacted by the tenant above me and the owner to see if I had heard anything. I was surprised I did not hear a thing. It made me leery to ever leave my apartment again. Since that day, they did replace all lights in the common area stairways and the parking lot. It is a very brightly lit complex now. Parking here is a nightmare. There is supposedly assigned parking, but it is not always respected. When I first moved in, I requested that I be given a handicapped parking spot nearer to my apartment than where I was assigned. I was to understand that because of the size of this complex, they were required to accommodate my request. The request was ignored. Since we moved in (2009) there has been two cars which appear abandoned (a maroon Volvo and a blue Ford) which have not left the spots they have been parked in, both spots of which are closer to my apartment. The parking situation was not really that big of a deal, until winter hit. They were not very quick to remove the snow when it fell heavy and as a result, on three different occasions, I fell. Walking with a cane in icy/snowy conditions is very dangerous. The condition report submitted to management when we moved in: Condition Report for 8305 Buffalo Ave Apt C6 Date: 28 Oct 2009 Living Room 1. Wall sockets are not three pronged 2. Carpet has stains from paint and other marks 3. Heat registers are dirty and not working 4. Windows leak air 5. Wall socket inside front door has no cover and doesn t work Kitchen 1. No wall outlet for countertop appliances 2. Refrigerator is not balanced 3. Floor is on a lean 4. Door jamb plate is not in proper place 5. Windows leak air Bedroom 1 1. Wall outlets are not three pronged 2. Heat registers are dirty and not working 3. Windows leak air 4. Carpet stained 5. Bedroom door does not close 6. There is no lock on bedroom door Bedroom 2 1. No doors on closet 2. Heat registers are dirty and not working 3. Windows leak air 4. Carpet is stained 5. Bedroom door does not close Bathroom 1. Floor linoleum has damage 2. Wall tile is damaged in places 3. Grout work is needed on wall tile 4. Heat registers dirty and not working 5. Windows leak air 6. Bathtub is discolored in spots 7. Tub drain cannot be closed Storage 1. Damage to ceiling 2. Damage to wall 3. Appears to have high probability to leak water 4. Needs repairs before it can be used General Comments 1. Apartment door does not seal 2. Windows do not seal 3. Entire apartment is not level (significant lean in most rooms) 4. Entryway light blinks (probably needs a new bulb or starter) 5. Laundry room has become home for insects 6. There is a squeegee and mop, but no bucket or broom 7. We do not mind cleaning up after we use laundry, but it seems no one else goes to any trouble to clean 8. Is it possible to get a lock set on the front door in addition to the dead bolt? 9. The fluorescent lights inside the entrances and in the laundry room has hundreds of dead insects in them. Does the cleaning crew you have clean those at all? 10. We would like a peephole in the front door. 11. Windows do not lock SUBMITTED TO LANDLORD ON 2 NOV 2009 Several items have been repaired (like the back wall in my storage area, the outlets were replaced to accommodate the three prong plugs (but not grounded) and the peephole was installed so high my wife needed a chair to see out of it), but for the most part we lived with the faults as detailed in the condition report. One other thing that must be mentioned is the problem with the way these apartments are heated. The tenant has no control of the temperature in the apartment. During the last two years of winter to spring changes, the heat was turned off too early and the temperature in my apartment had reached less than 50 degrees at times in the month of May. I pointed this out last year (as several people did I assume) and the heat was turned back on for a period of time to counter the cold days found during early spring. Further research has taught me that for the price they are charging for rent here, a person can get a much better apartment if they look around. $600 monthly is much too high for this two bedroom property. This review will be updated upon our moving out and settling the deposit situation with the landlord. UPDATE!!! It seems I got out of there just in time. I have just been informed about a major drug dealer who lived in the apartment upstairs from me. You can read all about it at the following link: http://niagara-gazette.com/crime/x1511866788/Cops-discover-LaSalle-pot-cases-are-connected If you have children, I HIGHLY recommend you stay away from this place. Hell, even single adults should stay away from this place.
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Silver Lake Apartments

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