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Penbrooke Meadows

351 Penbrooke Drive

Penfield, NY 14526



Prospective Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I had a limited time to go out looking for apartments. I had contacted Penbrooke and a bunch of other apartments earlier in the week letting them know that I wanted to visit a bunch of places on Friday as I had the day off of work. I was told that appointment was not needed and I should just stop on in. We were expected to get a lot of snow that day and we did. Later in the day after it had stopped snowing and the roads were cleared I ventured out to go apartment hunting. I went to whitney ridge, then highview manor and had a nice walk through of their aparments. Then it was on to Penbrooke Meadows. When I walked into the office I was greeted with a smile and a hello. I had to initiate any conversation from there and I was the one asking all of the questions, no information was offered unless it was asked for. I kept on asking questions hoping to be told that it would be better to show me a townhouse then stand in the office answering questions, but that was not the case. After asking all the questions I could think of, I just came right out and asked if I could see one of the 2 bedroom townhouses. Her reply was "today?". Well yes "today would be nice" was the only logical answer I had, so that's what I responded. She basically refused and said that with all the snow, they were not showing apartments as they were too busy cleaning up. Well that's strange because as I looked around the office, there were 4 people in there counting the woman I was speaking to and all were dressed too nice to have been out shoveling anything but loads of BS. I was told that I could come back any time next week and of course I should just come in, no appointment needed. Anyways, I have just signed a lease on a 2 bdrm townhouse at another complex down the street in penfield. I had a great tour of their apartments after I left Penbrooke Meadows that day and the didn't have any problems showing me with a little snow on the ground. I am giving everything 3 starts since it is really only fair that I rate the office and not the entire complex. I never actually got to see any of it.
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Penbrooke Meadows

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