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Penbrooke Meadows

351 Penbrooke Drive

Penfield, NY 14526



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
I lived at Penbrooke Meadows from October 2008-October 2009. The day I moved in I requested that they put my name on the door buzzer for my apartment and since it was my first apartment, it was a pretty big deal for me to have my name on it. I waited and then throughout the year of living there, put in several more maintenance requests about it. With no results, I finally gave up and lived with the last people's (to rent the apartment) name on my door buzzer for the entire year that I was there. I lived on the ground floor and on MANY occasions found huge house centipedes crawling across my apartment, along with other disgusting bugs. I had a huge problem with a soggy, moldy wall in my living room, which upon request to be fixed, was only painted over. I let them know of their "paint job" not fixing my mold problem and they came back to only paint over it again. The maintenance people and most of the staff in the office were very friendly, but I did have one memorable instance were one lady in the office was quite rude to me. On the day I was moving out- October of 2009, I went up to my storage unit to find that all my things and the lock were gone. My stuff was locked up in a little area with a door on it and a latch where you had to provide your own lock to lock the door. There was also a locked door to get to the room where all the storage units for the building (6) were located. This means that someone would have to have had a key to access the room where all the storage units were, which was only provided to the residents of the 6 apartments in my building. Then they would have had to have access to a pair of lock cutters to cut my lock which I bought and only had the key for. Not to mention, the stuff I had stored was none of value (many childhood stuffed animals and other childhood memories, a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. So obviously, maintenance was the only one that could have "emptied" my storage unit. Upon calling them to voice my complaint and ask where my stuff had gone, the lady I spoke to in the office was very rude and told me (without checking with any other staff members) that it wasn't their fault and to file a police report. I did and the officer agreed that based on the circumstances that they were the ones that had to have emptied it. I called the office several more times to find out what had happened to my things and they denied it every time, however, when I moved in, they had to "empty" a storage unit for me because someone in my building had taken to/ the last people to live there had left their stuff. It would have helped if the storage doors had been labeled with the apartment number. I never went any further than the police report and regret every day not sewing the ---- out of them. In now looking for my third apartment, I am seriously considering moving to another place, the only downfall is that they are associated with penbrooke meadows, which would be the only reason I would not choose to live there.
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Penbrooke Meadows

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