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1600 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610
1600 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14610

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1600 East Avenue Apartments

1600 East Avenue

Rochester, NY 14610



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2018
We recently located from out of state and seemed to just not be having much luck with our apartment search. Once I discovered 1600 East Avenue Apartments, I was thrilled. I have now since been a resident for 3 months and have loved it here! The concierge is great (I love seeing them outside, talking to residents and helping some of our elderly residents to their car or with their groceries - they make sure our packages are delivered to our door in case we don't make it to the mailboxes that day), the leasing office has always been pleasant in my experience - anytime I have had a questions, or an issue with the apartment, they answer quickly and send maintenance on the issue right away! I will note that while we have had an overall positive experience with maintenance, when we moved in our blinds were not the best. They broke quickly and when maintenance came to fix them, they placed a new set and we came home to one missing blind on the new set so - not too sure how that happened but I'm personally not going to make a big deal. The grounds are otherwise quiet - since living here 3 months, I have heard my upstairs neighbors twice with little stomping but it stopped quickly. I feel extremely safe here which is such a relief being new to the area. The concierge does not even allow the pizza man to come to our door without checking with us first via phone call or knocking on the door. The overall grounds are beautiful. We have yet to experience our first winter with the complex so, snow removal will be interesting! I will note that the parking has been a disaster lately. I come home from my shifts around 8 pm and all the parking spaces are filled, but the complex has quickly addressed it and let their residents know that they are attempting to find a solution to help with this issue. Otherwise, I have been really happy here at 1600 Apartments. My family and friends love visiting and personally, I have not felt like I was overpaying for the great amenities considered (i.e our library, in house laundry facilities, game rooms, movie rooms). Plus, majority of my utilities are included in my rent, plus I have free basic cable here which is great. Utility money can quickly add up and I haven't felt like I was overpaying at all. Now, I am hopeful that my rent does not increase if I decide to stay for an additional year - this will probably be a breaker for us but, for now, we will enjoy our home!
1600 East Avenue Apartments Manager10/09/2018

Your detailed feedback means a great deal to us, Courtney. The satisfaction of our residents is also very important to us, so thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with our team. We'll be keeping your review in mind as we continue providing our community with amazing service. Thanks again!

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1600 East Avenue Apartments

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