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Crittenden Way Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Well I have a few comments to make. First the lawn care is not very good at all. When the grass is mowed all the dead grass is left behind not taken care of or racked up. And some of us don’t have a lawn to cut we have weeds. The dirt piles left all over need to be taken care of or maybe they will sit there all winter. Everything grounds wise seems to be slacking. In the front where the office is looks pretty good but once you come in it doesn’t look so good anymore. It would be nice if the garbage was picked up more often or something because it smells and it is over flowing, and it has bugs and magets. Someone needs to do something about it. The garbage’s are very hard to get into when there is nothing in them and what are tenants sub post to do when it snows and they can’t lift them. This summer some of the pool staff was unfriendly and the pool looked bad. The white chairs were brown because no one ever cleaned them and when they did the summer was over. The tip jar was rude. We pay to use a nice pool not a forgotten one. I hope next year things are done differently. Parking is crazy. We have stickers for a reason and when there are a lot of cars up front with no sticker that means the ones that do can’t park up front. And I am sorry but I like the sticker idea and I think it should be enforced. The other day I was driving on my way to work and there were to young boys up on the Crittenden Way Sign and it looked like they were taking a break from working because they had wheel barrels. I don’t really think that is very appealing to tenants. The new management I have never seen around so I can’t say how great they are or not. We were promised great things and I don’t see anything but a little paving job that made parking for 2 weeks bad. And I would love to know what happened to the speed bumps because now everyone just flies through here. Everything else is slacking. So now we have nice parking lots and have problems with mostly everything else. Tenants here have families that visit and who wants them to see garbage and dirt piles and dead grass all over. One last thing and that is the hallways, When do they ever get cleaned? So I must say that I used to tell everyone I know how great it was here and they should come live here and now I tell them that it has gone down hill and I wouldn’t recommend living here to anyone until something’s change.
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Crittenden Way Apartments

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