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Holyoke Park Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I totally agree with this individual!!! The maintenance crew aren't professional people they are drunks, drug addicts that they gave apartments to. These people wake up out of the bed or couch smelling like alcohol and they are halfway late pulling the trash out. It is really sad!!! I am glad someone spoke up about this situation. i would really like to know who they are so that we can get a petition going. she is also right about Jill being VERY RUDE! So taping the conversaition was clearly the right thing to do!!! Everysince the grandfather gave the grandson control of the property it has been hell. i remeber when the black lady Mary worked in the office and one of the crew members said she worked that week and they fired her and didnt want to give her a check!! They kied and said she didn't work!! These people are scum, but I am with the person that wrote this blog if one of my kids got hurt, and I have documented everycall, they wouldn't have enough money to cover the expenses because I would take them for a cool ride. i would pull all my phone records thru my lawyer form the telephone company to show how many times I called and then they would be in for a hell of a ride!!!! Imperial Manor is the complex I am talking about which is owned by the same people
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Holyoke Park Apartments

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