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Holyoke Park Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
I've lived in this apartment complex for just under a year now and I will be moving when my lease expires. Rather than jump into my personal horror story of living here, I'll just objectively list the pros and cons since most people will most likely not have the same experience I had. I'll use the same criteria that this website uses: Parking: Parking was rarely terrible here, but since the only doorway into my building is far back from the parking lots and main road, there were only about 4 spots that are close and they were usually full. People ALWAYS are parked in the no parking zone and nobody ever does anything about it. However, in the year I lived here I never had any break ins or tire slashings. (of course now that I wrote that I'll go outside and my car will probably be on cinder blocks...) Noise: My particular building was a nightmare. There are 8 children in my building, and they are all friends. The parents of these children allow them to run around through the halls making messes and breaking things. The kids would leave garbage laying around, tear up the mail in the mail room and leave it scattered about and play with the intercom buzzers. I'd be sitting there watching TV and the kids would continuously buzz my intercom despite my asking them to stop. I eventually just disconnected the damn thing. They also destroyed the buildings ONE laundry machine so I would have to go to neighboring buildings to get my laundry done. Grounds: There is nothing impressive about the looks of this place. The buildings are shabby and the isn't much done to improve the yards. Not to mention scores of massive pot holes throughout the complex that have been there since I moved in. Safety: I never see security patrolling through this complex that is on the edge of the city. Now, it's true that crime has no address and it can happen anywhere, I'll point out that there was a triple homicide in this complex in the beginning of 2010 and the only thing that the management did differently is changed the name of the complex to Greece Commons to avoid further bad publicity. The doors leading into the building are always broken and don't require the use of keys. The doors into individual units are extremely flimsy and don't have peepholes or chains. Construction: I rarely had any trouble with my individual apartment, and to be honest for the size of the place I'm in (two bedroom) I really can't complain about the rent. The rooms are large, however the walls are sort of thin. At night, I can here the baby across the hall crying through four walls and a hallway. Maintenance: Can't really complain too much about maintenance. The only thing that broke was my dish washer and they fixed it within a couple days. They did however not come one of the days they said they would. And the washing machines are often broken for days and days. Staff: I personally have never had any problem with any of the staff. They're friendly to me whenever I'm in the office. Overall, I'd say this place is not worth the amount you pay in rent. It's not very safe, the other tenants are irritating (though that experience would vary) and it seems to me that the management does not take pride in it's business. There are other places in the area that are higher quality for a comparable amount of money.
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Holyoke Park Apartments

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