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Holyoke Park Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2005
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Office Staff
Well I lived in Holyoke for a year (August 2004-July 2005) and I was miserable. Maybe it was just me but here's what I found...<br>The hallways were just nasty. They are dark, smelly, and the air was always very stuffy. To make it worse someone on the first floor made fish weekly. They weren't very clean most of the time even though they were cleaned weekly. We talked this over in the first months of living there with the office staff and were told they went with a new cleaning company and hoped to work the kinks out. Maybe my neighbors were just messy, I'm not sure. <br>I lived on the 2nd floor and the apartment below us was very loud: fighting, yelling, music, and sex. We never complained at the office about the noise because he was a maintenance working for the complex and figured it would do no good. <br>The laundry facility was very dirty and the washers were very small. The dyers were always breaking down and not very efficient. I had to use two dollars to dry a regular sized load. I always went out to do my wash after a few weeks. To make it even more non-user friendly, they don't offer change service of any kind and refunds are only given out during 8am-5pm, M-F. That's when most people work! I did have my money taken three times but I did get it back each time. (Mind you this was all in the first month because I started going out to do my wash.)<br>The mailboxes are horrible. They are VERY tiny and the post office was always cramming everything into them. Most letters and bills were so wrinkled and crushed you couldn't flatten them out. There was no package acceptance in the office either so they just left them at the door (which anyone can walk into). I had a package stolen once. Magazines didn't fit into the mailboxes either so they were shoved into larger, plubic bins. I had my mail in these bins tampered with a few times (opened). I tried to get the office to accept packages but they refuse. I tried to explain how this would be a convenience for their residents. I was always very disappointed how for such a large complex they do not ask for any resident feedback nor do they have a very effective notice system. They do have a TV channel but the messages were always a week late and then stayed on for months after they were needed. Once we got a request (by memo on the doors usually) asking for you to remove any bicycles we might have from the basement three days after the day they were to clean the floors! Speaking of that: my bike was stolen so I wouldn't leave them chained downstairs-my chain was cut in half.<br>Maintenance employees were really nice I have to say. They were also very quick to fix issues we might have (other than the AC-see below). We did have several problems getting into the storage area. You are required to call them to ask to be let in and often they do not return pages or don't show to open it (even when you call during the requested hours). One of the superintendents isn't very nice by the way.<br>The only maintenance problem we had was with our AC. It kept breaking down during the hottest month and after three times of them half fixing it, we insisted on a new one. We ended up having to call corporate to complain about it because the heat was unbearable.<br>The office staff has a mix of personalities. The girls who work the evenings were very nice and helpful but I was always hesitant with the day staff. They came off with the attitude (because I'd seen it) that they would talk about someone as soon as they left: nice to your face, talk about you when you leave.<br>The parking and snow removal were fine. I didn't like that we had to park so far away from our door but that was just the luck of the draw (our door was on Holyoke St. and we had to walk to it from the lot). There were also way too many people parking on Holyoke St. because they were too lazy to park in the lot and walk. I had no problem with unloading or anything but parking there for hours was a pain. We also had problems with people blowing their horns to get people to come to the window and talk to them. It's very disrespectful.<br>While we were told we were living in one of the nicest buildings (#3) I didn't find it great. I did like the apartment other than the walls. I think all apartment buildings have poor plastering and painting however. <br>If you want or need something cheap the apartment complex isn't totally unbearable, it just was for me. I had moved in from a townhouse and I think that didn't help matters. I'm back in those townhouses now.<br>
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Holyoke Park Apartments

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