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Holyoke Park Apartments



Resident · 1994 - 2007
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Only one way I'd recommend even considering this dump...if you're out of other options and can manage to get a month to month lease so you'd be able to get out quickly. In the 4 years I lived there I NEVER saw any security actually patrolling, the pool is NOT included in the rent unless things have changed since I moved out in 2007. The on-site laundry is deplorable - dirty, smelly and only 2 or 3 washers & dryers for 12 or so apartments and it's just not a safe place to live. Not sure when Crime 360 will air the triple homicide that occurred at Holyoke a few months ago and take a look at the Safety tab....looks like there's several registered sex offenders too close for comfort. There are several much better & safer complexes in the Greece area. Run as fast as you can AWAY from this place! Overall this will be an extremely negative review. We lived in building 14 (On Milford St) My husband first moved into Holyoke in March of '92 and I moved in some time in '02. In the 14 years my husband lived there the complex has gone to absolute crap. The majority of our problems began in early '03. We had problems with neighbors. Specifically the neighbors below us. Our windows both faced the parking lot and the disrespectful people below us used their windows as an intercom system as soon as the weather got nice in the spring. They would have conversations right out the window and management did nothing despite numerous complaints. We basically ran our air conditioner 24/7 to drown them out. After they moved out the new tenants below us constantly cranked their stereo at all hours and management told us to call the police which we did several times, I do believe they were evicted a few months later... too little too late since we had finally started moving out anyway. We have had our tires slashed and a neighbor in the same building actually had all 4 of her tires taken. The upside was they left her car up on blocks. We had a disgusting mold problem in the bathroom. Maintenance came and slapped Killz on and repainted but that never solved the problem. Within weeks the mold returned. They replaced the bathroom fan which did not help very much because the mold was actually in the wall behind the tiles now. I had pointed that out a few times...it's kinda hard to miss the GREEN tile grout! We had electricity problems. The kitchen light flickered and the bulbs burned out very quickly. I won't even get into the laundry..it's horrid, we hauled our clothes to a laundromat. Storage Lockers... This was irritating! If you needed to get into YOUR storage locker, you had to page the super and get this... MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! huh? I kid you not... as we were trying to move out we had to make an appointment to get the door unlocked so we could get into our storage unit and the super on-call was extremely rude and made us wait 2 days to get into our storage unit which is nothing more than a small area with a chicken wire type of enclosure and a small lock so that anyone can see into everyone else's locker so nothing of value should be placed in them. There were many other problems as well but for the most part we were stuck there because I had no income and we simply could not afford to move elsewhere. I guess my biggest beef was the way management treated us back in December of '06. In December we finally were able to buy a home. We had already paid rent for December - I had a note from my physician regarding my disabilities and the stairs. (I have MS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia & Osteoporosis. We lived on the top floor which meant 3 flights of stairs and it was pure agony for me to ascend & descend these stairs. We went to see Fran about getting out of our lease (2 whole months early) and we were told that my disability does not count because I am not 65 and the fact that my husband had been a good tenant for 14 years (not one late payment in that entire time) does not negate the fact that we had a contract until the end of February. Nice way to treat people that always paid rent before the 1st of the month and I had tons of medical records proving how truly disabled I am. Good news is we're free of there now! The Good... Maintenance.. Rick, he was an absolute sweetheart! It beats a cardboard box... (that's the nicest thing I can say about this truly disgusting complex)
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Holyoke Park Apartments

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